5 Anime That Should Have Their Own Video Games

The worlds of anime and video games have run parallel for many years. With the former’s proclivity for intricate lore and ongoing story arcs, it lends itself incredibly well to the polygonal realm
5 Anime That Should Have Their Own Video Games

The worlds of anime and video games have run parallel for many years. With the former’s proclivity for intricate lore and ongoing story arcs, it lends itself incredibly well to the polygonal realm.

Due to this, the amount of video games that have been created based on anime franchises is too numerous to count, and indeed, it’s harder to find suitable licenses that haven’t already made the jump.

We’ve selected just a few from the AnimeLab library that we would love to see on our consoles someday, and we even resisted the urge to just suggest that all of them should come in the form of otome dating sims.

…That being said, our head canons are elaborate and we will fight you for them if we have to.


Sometimes you’ve got to get on something early, so that you appear prescient when you’re proven to be right later on.


One of the hottest new anime hits on the scene, Gleipnir’s cast is loaded with terrifying and fascinating monsters big and small, and Shuichi would make for a wildly fun character to play as. In his squishy bishi form, he’s capable of feats of great strength and agility (especially when you add Clair into the mix), while taking an absolute beating and still getting up for more.

Think about the kind of exhilarating quick time events you could implement, where the single press of a button is all that stands between you and literal dismantlement. Needless to say, it would be rife with graphic imagery, to boot!

There are so many mysteries in the story of Gleipnir, and each moment spent with it draws you deeper into its twisted, macabre tale. It can change from lighthearted to sinister in a flash, but it does so in a way that feels seamless and natural, evoking visceral emotions whenever something drastic occurs.

Just give us this game, now!!

Cheer Boys!!

Go! Fight! Win!

Sports games are all the rage nowadays, but we here at AnimeLab like to think outside the box, by proposing you take a glance to the sideline, and focus your attention on the cheerleaders instead.


…Ehh? No, we’re not being ecchi!! For you see, just as the introverted Haruki Bandou discovers, cheerleading is every bit as exhilarating and athletic an endeavour as the action on the field. The explicit intent is to create a performance so thrilling, it brings the crowd to their feet.

Their mantra to “gain the strength to inspire someone to greater heights” isn’t just lip service, after all. Cheer Boys teaches us the nuances and techniques behind cheerleading, alongside the loveable personalities of its participants.

That’s exactly what makes us so attached to it. Do you want to be a top, or a base? Perhaps a spotter? Or the person who goes crashing in a heap and breaks every bone in their body?

Maybe not that last one.

Made in Abyss

While doing some serious investigation for this article (in other words, I watched a lot of anime), it never really occurred to me that Made in Abyss wasn’t already a video game.


I mean, surely that’s not right? With its whimsical premise, dreadful beasts, incredible inventions and the kind of world-building triple A JRPGs dream of, it must have had a video game adaptation at some point…

And yet, somehow, there was no sign of any Made in Abyss video game ever seeing the light of day. What we did find, however, were multiple people pining for the same thing, for all of the same reasons.


This is the kind of anime that hooks itself right into your imagination. It feels so alive, so in-depth, and the efforts are apparent from everything you see on-screen. It has the necessary bombastic visuals that are sure to hook in gamers of all ages, but more importantly, the attention to detail that helps to create a true classic.

The vibrant story of the Abyss draws you in as much as the titular chasm itself; its somewhat troubling premise offset by its boundless charm.

BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense.

Just imagine it… a video game… based on an anime… centred on a video game! It’s so meta, there’s nothing that could possibly go wrong.

We’ll just pretend Street Fighter: the Movie: the Game never happened. It’s better that way.


The premise of BOFURI is all about Kaede Honjo’s experiences playing an MMORPG, where she inadvertently becomes one of the strongest characters simply by stacking defence. Her in-game avatar of Maple makes for a natural playable protagonist, possessing a wide range of abilities, unexpected lateral thinking, and a keen ability to stave off death.

If being a tank isn’t your kind of thing, there’s plenty of other amazing characters in this anime, too! Sally the swashbuckler with her swift and lethal blows, the grace and precision of Kasumi, or May and Yui — the antithesis to Maple, bearing unfathomable strength while somehow still maxing their kawaii factor.

Aoharu X Kikanjuu

It’s not a stretch to say that Aoharu X Kikanjuu combines all of the best things about anime into one thrilling package, and all of these would make for the perfect video game.


It’s got action, alluring heroes, and the carnal thrill of taking the final shot that fells your mortal enemy for good… Of course, they’re not real bullets, but have you ever been shot with a BB gun? Those things hurt!! Your thighs and your dignity will be bruised for weeks.

The survival games in which the combat takes place make for an ideal backdrop, particularly with a character as powerful and spritely as Hotaru Tachibana at the helm. There are plenty of third person anime shooters out there, but the exploits of Team Toy Gun Gun is pliable, and would fit into a myriad of different genres. A turn-based tactical combat sim might work, or a full blown bullet hell classic.

Or even… an eroge? You may scoff, but Yukimura practically is a walking hentai as it is.

Anyway, that seems as suitable an ending point as any — I’ll assuredly explore that last idea further in my head — but what do you think? Are there any other hidden gems that are just begging for a video game?

Source: Animelab

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