Which Blood+ Character Are You, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac?

Here are the Chinese zodiac signs, as represented by the characters from the Blood+ anime.
Which Blood+ Character Are You, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac?

Here are the Chinese zodiac signs, as represented by the characters from the Blood+ anime.

Blood+ follows the story of a teenage girl named Saya who is tasked with destroying a species called chiropterans, bat-like creatures that feed on human blood. Saya has a lot of people around her who both help her in this cause or actively work against her. Scientists are always looking to experiment both on the chiropterans and those who are able to resist them, including Saya whose blood is poisonous to them. Furthermore, chevaliers accompany her and other allies in her attempt to destroy them.

Many of these characters share traits with the Chinese zodiac signs. Here are the Blood+ characters and the signs they coincide with.

12. Rat: Solomon Goldsmith

Solomon Goldsmith

Solomon Goldsmith is particularly polite and friendly, traits definitely shared by Rats. He can be pretty serious and isn’t always honest, instead opting to use his resourcefulness to avoid fighting, either in arguments or in physical battles, wherever he can.

Although quite a pleasant and personable character, Solomon is also quite manipulative and not particularly trustworthy. A truly complicated character.

11. Ox: Kai Miyagusuku

Kai Miyagusuku

While Kai Miyagusuku was not always the selfless guy that he ends up becoming, as he used to be quite prone to selfishness, he does share a lot of Ox traits following some of the tragedies he experienced in his life.

Kai makes sure to own up to his responsibilities and to be as dependable as possible, especially since he wasn’t always able to protect those he cares about.

10. Tiger: Joel Goldschmidt

Joel Goldschmidt

Joel Goldschmidt is something of a sadist, and it isn’t always clear what he’s going to do or how he’s going to behave from person to person. To Saya, Joel seemed to be a great and loving parent; conversely, he was cold and nothing short of terrible to Diva.

This unpredictability in nature is definitely a Tiger trait, as is his motivation and sense of self-importance regarding his work.

9. Rabbit: Karl Fei-Ong

Karl Fei-Ong

Karl Fei-Ong has two personalities so it can be hard to categorize him, but this also makes him rather Rabbit-like. Rabbits are quick-thinking and gentle, as Karl often is, but they also are very skillful and use their alertness and awareness of their surroundings to get the better of most situations.

While his main personality is quite civilized, the same cannot be said for Karl's Phantom persona. That personality is fierce and pointlessly destructive.

8. Dragon: Saya Otonashi

Saya Otonashi

Saya Otonashi is the main protagonist of the series. She can be somewhat self-absorbed, which is definitely a Dragon trait, but along with it, she has the strong positive traits of perseverance and confidence. This allows her to lead the way in the battle against the Chiropterans.

Saya's personality changes quite a lot depending on whether she is suffering from amnesia or not, and she grows angrier and more bitter throughout the series.

7. Snake: Hagi


One of Hagi’s most admirable traits, among some others that aren’t quite so positive, is that he’s very willing to say exactly what’s on his mind and is great at expressing himself.

This is a very Snake-like trait, in that they are also very communicative and able to share their opinions, even to people they respect or who hold some authority over them, the way Saya does over Hagi.

6. Horse: Diva


Diva can be childish, which is definitely a Horse trait, and her selfish nature can lead her to take actions that hurt others, which isn’t something she necessarily cares about.

She’s very straightforward and she doesn’t hesitate to take whatever actions she needs in order to achieve her ends. Once Diva finds people for whom she feels love, some of these more aggressive tendencies easy a bit and she becomes kinder.

5. Goat: George Miyagusuku

George Miyagusuku

George Miyagusuku is the adoptive father of several children, including Saya. Like most Goats, he is incredibly stable, offering a home and a place of comfort and assurance to children who otherwise don’t have their own space in the world.

Even though Saya can be self-absorbed and unpleasant, George’s amiability brings the best even out of her.

4. Monkey: Amshel Goldsmith

Amshel Goldsmith

Amshel Goldsmith is definitely one of the bad guys in the series. While all Monkeys aren’t obviously bad people, Amshel does definitely share major traits with the sign, particularly his ruthless ambition which can lead him to treat others as pawns in his plans.

Amshel can also be obsessive and jealous, wanting to possess Diva because of the immortality she could potentially give him.

3. Rooster: Aston Collins

Aston Collins

Aston Collins is very interested in research and knows his own worth. He’s very confident in his abilities, as most Roosters are, and his talents in his field make him fearful of his work being forgotten, which is part of the reason he joins up with Cinq Fleches.

Aston works hard at his research and refuses to see it fall by the wayside, which tends to make him envious and prideful.

2. Dog: James Ironside

James Ironside

James Ironside is very mild-mannered and straightforward, not really able to take a joke. But like most Dogs, he is very dependable. He always shows up on time and is incredibly protective.

Also like Dogs, James is very loyal to Diva and Amshel and defensive of them when they are threatened, either in word or physically. James is focused completely on his duty and has no time for levity.

1. Pig: Nathan Mahler

Nathan Mahler

Pigs are an incredibly easy-going sign, and there is no trait that better represents Nathan Mahler’s personality. He is very cheerful and constantly wears bright colors, and Nathan is one of the comic relief characters in the series.

While he’s not wholly interested in battle and doesn’t really support his fellow chevaliers as far as actual combat is concerned, Nathan does feel compassion for them and feels sad when they die in battle.

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