Rising Of The Shield Hero: Which Main Character Are You Based On Your MBTI®

The kingdom of Melromarc is filled with distinct personalities that always clash. Where would these Heroes fall in an MBTI chart?
Rising Of The Shield Hero: Which Main Character Are You Based On Your MBTI®

The kingdom of Melromarc is filled with distinct personalities that always clash. Where would these Heroes fall in an MBTI chart?

The Rising of the Shield Hero illustrates monstrosities of society and class systems inside this isekai. Four legendary heroes are summoned to the kingdom of Melromarc to defeat waves of calamity. The Sword, Spear, Bow, and Shield heroes must work together if they hope to have any hope of beating the calamities and keeping the world safe. There's just one problem: They branded the Shield Hero, Naofumi, a criminal for acts he did not commit. This anime follows Naofumi's journey as he levels up and seeks revenge against the system.

Personalities clash throughout The Rising of Shield Hero, and it's clear to see the difference between the bitter, the ruthless, the envious, the careless, and the venomous players in this collapsing world. Based on the Myers-Briggs personality assessment, check out which main characters fall into which category, and how they match your own personality type.

10. Aultcray Melromarc XXXII: The Responsible Realist - ISTJ

Aultcray Melromarc XXXII: The Responsible Realist - ISTJ

Aultcray is the king of Melromarc and the one that summoned the heroes. He listens to his daughters more often than not and is acting ruler under the queen. Like most of the kingdom, Aultcray believes that the shield hero is the weakest among those summoned and does his best to ignore this hero. He'd rather never set eyes on Naofumi again, but must in order to understand why he's so powerful.

He's an ISTJ due to his traditional outlooks and ability to carry out swift decisions, such as when he brands Naofumi a criminal. He's normally a calm, dependable character, but when it comes to the shield hero, he gets worked up. That's only natural, as his personality type indicates that those who fall outside the typical structure of logic causes them stress.

9. Erhard: The Logical Pragmatist - ISTP

Erhard: The Logical Pragmatist - ISTP

Erhard is a merchant in the kingdom of Melromarc and outfits Noafumi and his party with the essential items for battling against the calamity. He is one that observes and makes his own decisions about people for himself. In fact, Naofumi proves a good person to build a connection with in terms of business.

This ISTP is a calm and practical guy whose demeanor makes it easy for others to approach. They tend to have an open mind, which is seen when Erhard accepts the presence of Raphtalia, a demi-human.

8. Malty: The Conceptual Planner - INTJ

Malty: The Conceptual Planner - INTJ

Malty, or Myne, is an antagonist that loves nothing more than to make others around her miserable. Those people she uses for her own gain are eventually discarded after their use runs out. She tricked Naofumi and played a significant role in brandishing him a criminal.

However, Malty is an exceptional planner. Her INTJ personality is indicative of her long-term plans and goals as she looks into her future. Her younger sister, Melty, is the crown princess, so it's no surprise that she's out to eliminate her. Malty is an independent creature that holds herself to high standards, even if those swift decisions lead to a hero's ultimate demise.

7. Melty: The Decisive Strategist - ENTJ

Melty: The Decisive Strategist - ENTJ

Melty is the younger sister of Malty and the crown princess, heir to the throne. On a mission for her mother queen, Melty bumps into Naofumi's party. They accompany her to the castle, where she implores her father to talk with Naofumi, as the shield hero is a significant player in stopping the calamity.

Her ENTJ personality type is budding in relation to her leadership role, as she'll one day rule as queen. She's logical and expressive in her pleas to Naofumi and his party to return to the castle and speak to the king once more. Naofumi's guidance helps her grow into her role as crown princess and grant her the means to fight back when nobles attempt to torture her.

6. Ren: The Supportive Contributor - ESFJ

Ren: The Supportive Contributor - ESFJ

Ren is skeptical in casting aside the shield hero, but he's been a loner with gaming for as long as he can remember. He's the sword hero with the best of intentions at heart. His approach to battle is clear and logical, and his decisions come from a place of practicality. Ren is not one to listen to factless accusations, but roots around to find the truth behind Melty's kidnapping.

This ESFJ is practical and modest along with a deep-seated loyalty to his hero calling. He wishes to uphold the role he was summoned to fulfill but harbors feelings of misgiving to how they have treated the shield hero. As he continues to fight the calamities, Ren does so in a conscientious way while making organized decisions in battle.

5. Itsuki: The Energetic Problem Solver - ESTP

tsuki: The Energetic Problem Solver - ESTP

Itsuki is the bow hero and one that seems to follow the pack when it comes to ignoring the shield hero. He goes around and helps villages that are in need, but little does he know that Naofumi and his party had to clean up after him. Itsuki even goes so far as to accuse him of a crime he did not commit without any real evidence. Naofumi is more than capable of shrugging off this tomfoolery.

This ESTP is one full of energy and has a motivating streak when it comes to fighting tough enemies. his easy-going and spontaneous nature leads him into believing that he's helping others when really he's caused more problems. He has the grace to feel ashamed of it and tries his best to make up for his past grievances.

4. Motoyasu: The Imaginative Motivator - ENFP

Motoyasu: The Imaginative Motivator - ENFP

Motoyasu acts as the leader for the four heroes and is instrumental in hurling accusations at Naofumi. He's always out to blame Naofumi for any small grievance, especially with the backing of Malty. He's not one to look at all of the facts before attacking, and when he attacks, it's with his full conviction.

This ENFP lives for the spontaneity of his new role in this world. He's good at inspiring others, especially when it comes to tackling Naofumi. Motoyasu's vigor and ego compel him to follow blindly, yet he holds the conviction to make a change in this world and help those that face danger.

3. Filo: The Compassionate Facilitator - ENFJ

 Filo: The Compassionate Facilitator - ENFJ

Filo is a Filolial that becomes a vital member of Naofumi's party. She's a bird-like animal that has the ability to transform into a human that appears as a young girl with wings on her back. Her interests are in food, pulling the carriage, and displaying her loyalty to Naofumi. She likes to make herself useful and charges headfirst into battle.

This ENFJ has an energetic personality and dislikes conflict. She's the next queen candidate and it shows in how she's able to inspire and strives to reach new heights.

2. Raphtalia: The Versatile Supporter - ISFP

Raphtalia: The Versatile Supporter - ISFP

Raphtalia is a vital member of Naofumi's party and one of his sole supporters when he began his journey to level-up. She was a slave that Naofumi bought, and came to respect Naofumi for the freedom he's granted her. Together, they make a formidable team when up against strong opponents.

This ISFP is known for her loyalty to Naofumi and keeping him grounded, especially when he turns to the rage shield. Raphtalia understands both parties when it comes to the dispute between Naofumi, the other heroes, and the king. She'll issue her concerns, but her ultimate concern lies with Naofumi and what's best for him.

1. Naofumi: The Efficient Organizer - ESTJ

Naofumi: The Efficient Organizer - ESTJ

The main protagonist, Naofumi is the shield hero and rumored as the weakest among those summoned. With the world against him, Naofumi has no choice but to motivate himself to survive in this new world. This results in an outspoken character that acts self-centered in order to protect himself.

This ESTJ learns to organize people and resources to complete his goals. Naofumi is not one to dwell on big decisions, often seeing the potential of his teammates and his options before settling on his next move. He's a dependable person and continues to overcome obstacles in order to survive in this harsh world.

Source: cbr.com

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