Attack On Titan: 10 Annie Leonhart Fan Art Pictures Just Like the Anime

Annie is the woman who wielded the fearsome Female Titan, and she is in fact an agent of the Marley Empire. She's a cool and tough character, and here's some fan art to prove it.
Attack On Titan: 10 Annie Leonhart Fan Art Pictures Just Like the Anime

Annie is the woman who wielded the fearsome Female Titan, and she is in fact an agent of the Marley Empire. She's a cool and tough character, and here's some fan art to prove it.

The popular seinen series Attack on Titan is a sort of blend between the "giant robot" and zombie genres, where flesh-eating Titans are threatening the last walled city of humanity. Eren Jaeger, Mikasa, Armin, and the others rally to the walls' defenses, and they soon have Levy and Erwin Smith to back them up, too. They'll need it: specialized Titans are about to attack.

Reiner, Bertholt, and Annie are the elite Titans, agents of the Marley Empire who are tasked with capturing the Founding Titan deep within the walled city. Annie proved herself a formidable fighter late in season 1, using her distinct Titan form to challenge Eren and his fellows. She was eventually captured, but fans have not forgotten her incredible skills and cool personality. Here's some outstanding fan art of her to prove it.

10. Soaring Doom

Soaring Doom

The first entry in this gallery, which comes courtesy of artist zaameen, shows how Annie is a woman of two worlds. She comes from the Marley Empire as an Eldian fighting against her estranged fellows, and she joined the city's army under false pretenses. She's no ally of Eren's.

Instead, Annie is working for the enemy, and her very presence foretells doom for Eren's side. Thus, Annie is shown here soaring on her ODM gear alongside some swooping crows, who symbolize the chaos and destruction that is about to follow.

9. Face To Face

Face To Face

As mentioned earlier, the Titans in this series are like a stand-in for giant robots, and artist JAMES-FREDDY imagined Annie coming face to face with her Female Titan, as though it were a fleshy giant mecha in a hangar somewhere.

That's an interesting analogy to make in art like this, and Annie looks calm but vaguely troubled as she contemplates her other, giant form. It's almost as though she has a few regrets when suiting up like this, but that won't stop her from carrying out the mission.

8. Total Confidence

Total Confidence

It looks like Annie has gotten over her mixed feelings about the mission. In artist nurumayu 35's stunningly detailed fan art, Annie is giving the viewer a cool and smug look, as though to say "I'm not afraid of anyone!"

Certainly, she has little to fear from Jean or Mikasa or Armin. Annie is a nimble and creative fighter while in Titan mode, and in this art piece, Annie's bladed ring is oozing blood like a mist, hinting at the Female Titan form that is about to emerge.

7. Over The Rooftops

Over The Rooftops

Annie is looking very comfortable with her usual ODM gear and her twin paring blades, and she is actually more skilled than most of her allies. The funny thing is, she's on the Titans' side, though she has the skill to take any of them down.

Artist Arubin Chia used what looks like the anime's background and added some paint-like effects, while Annie herself is brightly lit and crisply rendered to make her stand out as the subject. She's posed like an action star, just like Eren.

6. Hard-Hitting


It's time to add some hand-drawn art to the gallery, and fan art made with pencils and pens is often just as good as digital works of art, if not better. This black and white fan art by Hzeherart depicts Annie in Female Titan form, ready to throw down.

This is the kind of pose she takes when facing off against Eren's Attack Titan form, and Annie's Titan has a sense of motion, with her hair being blown lightly to the side. This contrasts with the body's tense pose, ready to burst into action at any time.

5. Feeling Bashful

Feeling Bashful

In the story, Annie is a stoic and aloof character, since she's got her mind on the mission and isn't in the mood to make friends. Still, some characters try to connect with her, and they have no idea what kind of monster is lurking inside.

Fan art is a chance to show familiar characters in a new light, and in this case, artist eripmavinacriss decided to portray Annie's more bashful side. She seems reserved, as if confronted with something she's not quite sure how to process, and the artist communicates this beautifully.

4. Burning Passion

Burning Passion

On the outside, Annie is cool and collected, and indeed she is a disciplined and skilled fighter and agent of the Marley Empire. But when the target is in sight, or if she's backed into a corner, Annie's true passion is stoked. She burns for victory, at any cost.

So, artist Alexandr Ugryumov decided to capture Annie's determined side in this richly detailed 3-D render, complete with a dark background to make the sparks and flames stand out all the more. Annie's got a stern gaze on her face, and someone's about to pay the price for crossing her.

3. Her True Nature

Her True Nature

Everyone who wields one of the special Nine Titans is a monster on the inside, even if they are fighting for the good guys (depends on who you ask), and Annie is no different. She's a tough and professional soldier on the outside, calm and poised until it's time to fight.

Artist Alice-Croft combined Annie's soldier side and Titan side in this piece, smartly using the paring blade as a sort of mirror into Annie's inner world. Her Titan half is clear to see on her sword, as though to say "my Titan is stronger than any sword!"

2. Surely You Jest

Surely You Jest

What's so funny? For the most part, Annie is rather stoic and keeps to herself, but once in a while, if things are going her way, she just might laugh in glee and deliver a taunt to her enemies while glaring with those intense eyes of hers.

That's what she did to Eren's group before transforming inside the city, and artist rami-blog made sure to capture every ounce derision and bloodthirsty glee on her face when drawing this remarkable fan art. It's just like the manga, line for line.

1. Leap Into The Fray

Leap Into The Fray

To conclude the gallery, Annie appears once again alongside her Female Titan counterpart, and artist Leandro Raimundo made sure to capture every last detail of both of Annie's forms, including the scale between them and the harsh blue glare of Annie's Titan's eyes.

The Female Titan takes up nearly all the negative space, but it's positioned so it looks just as much like the star as Annie herself. As for Annie, she's striking a cool ODM pose while making the same expression as her Titan f0rm, evidence that they definitely one and the same.


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