Which Black Clover Character Are You, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac?

Black Cover has a whole bunch of characters with diverse personalities, but who are you based on your Chinese zodiac?
Which Black Clover Character Are You, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac?

Black Cover has a whole bunch of characters with diverse personalities, but who are you based on your Chinese zodiac?

It has been three years since the anime adaptation of Black Clover has premiered, and ever since viewers have been in for a ride. The manga rose quickly in the ranks of Shounen Jump in order to receive this adaptation, and its because it has all the makings of a good shounen story.

One of the most important of those components is the characters; which Black Clover has no shortage of. With a diverse and constantly expanding set of characters that is hard to keep up with sometimes, you can easily find a character or two with which you might identify. However, in case you haven't found that character yer, here's a list of characters that will best represent you according to your Chinese zodiac.

12. Rat:  Yuno


Starting off with this year's zodiac, the Rat is known for its clever and calculating nature. People born in the year of the Rat pay attention to their surroundings and know how to make the best out of them.

In that capacity, Rat zodiacs will find themselves relating to Yuno. We see the young knight display much of the same opportunistic characteristics this zodiac is known for from the start in his journey to becoming the Magic Emperor. However, while Yuno is naturally adept at magic, he is no stranger to the hard work and determination of this zodiac.

11. Ox: Sister Lily Aquaria

Sister Lily Aquaria

The Ox is often representative of hard work and selfless labor in Chinese mythology; as such, those born into this zodiac are characterized by their diligence and honest work. The priorities often attached to the Ox makes it a zodiac, fittingly, known for more traditional and conservative individuals.

As far as those priorities and defining characteristics go, there is no better representative than Sister Lily. The nun is dedicated to her job and serves as a motherly figure to the children at the orphanage. Like people of this zodiac, she isn't a character that really stands out, but she carries her job without expecting much in return.

10. Tiger: Luck Voltia

Luck Voltia

Tiger zodiacs are known to be active people brimming with energy. They are courageous and love a good challenge often to the point of recklessness - sound familiar?

People born in the year of the Tiger will find Luck to be a representation of some of their more dominant traits pushed to extremes. From a severely competitive nature to his bold and unpredictable personality, Luck is one tiger that gives the animal its deadly reputation.

9. Rabbit: Charmy Pappitson

Charmy Pappitson

Rabbit zodiacs are known to be rather soft and mild-mannered. They are gentle people who are often underestimated by others for their rather soft demeanor.

Charmy inspires much of the same perspective in others who have yet to be at the receiving end of her food magic. With a short stature and a personality that is too easygoing in the presence of food, she delivers shocking aggression when faced with enemies; though she is willing to forgive as easily as the rabbit if more food is in the bargain.

8. Dragon: Asta


Being the only mythical creature among the zodiacs, the Dragon is known to have a sense of grandeur that expresses itself in the form of enviable confidence and courage.

Those born into this zodiac will have no trouble relating to the anime's main protagonist as his nature is almost synonymous with the Dragon. Asta possesses much of the same tenacity in the face of hardship as well as the hot-headed. However, while he may come off as intense, his dedication and risk-taking behavior is only a testament to his motivation like many Dragons.

7. Snake: Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro

Though snakes aren't looked too favorably upon in the West, in Eastern mythology they are representative of wisdom and intelligence. People born into the year of the snake are known to be a calm presence in the face of hardship and make for good mentors.

As the Captain of the Black Bulls, Yami displays some of the best characteristics of this zodiac. He often serves as a mentor to Asta with his wisdom derived from years of being a knight, but he also displays traits of the Snake zodiac in the enigmatic quality of his character as well as odd instances of humor.

6. Horse: Rill Boismortier

Rill Boismortier

Active and energetic, the Horse zodiac is known to hold some of the most animated and upbeat people. Those born into the year of the Horse don't shy away from receiving attention and usually delight in others' enjoyment.

The Azure Dear captain holds many of the same qualities of this zodiac as he is rather easy-going and independent to the point of sometimes overlooking his duties to paint. However, he also portrays some of the negative aspects of the Horse in his rather self-centered approach especially when he first received his grimoire.

5. Goat: Fuegoleon Vermillion

Fuegoleon Vermillion

People born on this year are known to be gentle and extremely kind; however, the sense of justice and perseverance characteristic of this zodiac is often overlooked in that perspective.

The Crimson Lion leader brings out that often ignored side of the Goat zodiac. Like this zodiac, Feugoleon is not afraid to speak up his mind and is often seen to disregard the perspectives others have in favor of justice. Both attributes are portrayed in his refusal to stay silent in the face of House Silva's oppression of Asta.

4. Monkey: Leopold Vermillion

Leopold Vermillion

The Monkey zodiac is often known to be more light-hearted and enthusiastic, but that doesn't detract from its equally popular reputation of being arrogant and competitive to a fault.

In that sense, the younger brother of the Crimson Lion captain brings out many of the Monkey's key characteristics. For one, he selfishly decides on declaring Asta his rival and is arrogant about his capabilities and status as he openly mocks the Golden Dawn for allowing Yuno into their ranks despite the latter displaying great talent.

3. Rooster: Noelle Silva

Noelle Silva

The Rooster has a presence as loud as its call, and those born into this year are not different from the animal representing their zodiac. Among the cast of characters, they will find themselves best represented by Noelle if for albeit less positive portrayals of this zodiac.

Vain and boastful, Noelle is rather clear about what she thinks of her status and its superiority to her fellow squad-mates and especially Asta. It's one trait she shares with this zodiac among the fierce tenacity she holds in the face of obstacles.

2. Dog: Julius Novachrono

Julius Novachrono

As man's best friend, the Dog holds much of the same connotations in the East and West. As such, people born in this year are known to be loyal and dedicated to their duties as well as generally willing to help and provide assistance to those around them.

The 28th Magic Emperor displays many qualities which he shares with this zodiac. Given his role within the Clover kingdom, it comes as no surprise that he holds much of the same popularity as Dogs. Additionally, though he might get distracted, Julian is dedicated to his priorities to the point of risking his life.

1. Pig: Charlotte Roselei

Charlotte Roselei

The Pig might get a bad reputation simply owing to its name, but people born to this zodiac are known to be among the most hardworking out there with many positive traits that set them apart from the rest.

Those born into this zodiac will find themselves relating to the Blue Rose captain in her gentle and reserved nature that hides beneath it an intense dedication to duty. Additionally, it's hard for someone of this zodiac to deny that Charlotte's sense of responsibility and disinterest in social activities is something they see in themselves.

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