Hunter x Hunter: 5 Reasons Why Ging is Overrated (& 5 Why He is Underrated)

Hunter x Hunter: 5 Reasons Why Ging is Overrated (& 5 Why He is Underrated)

Ging Freecss is hands down one of the most interesting characters in Hunter x Hunter. He can be both underrated and overrated by audiences.

The man of many mysteries, Ging Freecss, is a character that HxH fans will never forget. The world of Yoshihiro Togashi's, Hunter x Hunter is vast and nuanced, just as its slew of characters. Their motives and morals keep fans guessing. The majority of the characters pale in comparison to that of Ging Freecss. The double star Ruins Hunter has been making a name in the Hunter Association for positive and negative reasons, for years.

His achievements such as finding and refurbishing ruins, in order to open them to the public, have both garnered him praise and wealth. His personality, however, has rubbed some of his peers the wrong way, for lack of a better term. Abandoning his child that has also made him a plight for criticism.


10. Overrated: Stubborn And Shy

Overrated: Stubborn And Shy

One of the reasons Ging is loathed amongst his peers is not just because he abandons his only son; its mainly because he is stubborn as a mule. He will disregard anyone's opinion in an instant.

Ging only wants things to go the way he sees fit. For instance, although Gon completes the game, Greed Island, his father still refuses to see him, if Gon is not by himself. The woman he tells this to, Elena, believes him to be afraid of strangers. This is mainly one of the reasons why he is unable to become a triple star Hunter.


9. Underrated: He’s Helped A Lot Of People, Even When He Didn’t Have To

Underrated: He’s Helped A Lot Of People, Even When He Didn’t Have To

Togashi is a mastermind at giving his characters a morally gray aspect of their personalities. Although Ging has questionable parenting skills and a “Devil May Care” attitude, he still encompasses this notion to help others.

Razor, for example, was a convict on death row. Despite his criminal past, Ging Freecss decides to take him on as an employee for his Greed Island game. Razor tells Gon his father is a kind man and always tries to see the best in people, despite their past. He is forever grateful.


8. Overrated: Doesn’t Work Well With Others

Overrated: Doesn’t Work Well With Others

For many years, Ging has had issues working with other people. It's true, many people hold him in high regards, such as Razor and Kite. The former Chairman of the Hunter Association, the late Netero also favors the Greed Island creator.

As a matter of fact, he is so partial to him, he appoints Ging as one of the Zodiacs, and that is an honor. Unfortunately, many individuals still don’t care much for the Boar Zodiac, especially the other Zodiacs.


7. Underrated: Genius Level Intellect

Underrated: Genius Level Intellect

Due to his manic behavior, many tend to underestimate Gon’s father's intellect. The man has created a business and amassed a lucrative amount of wealth, from a very young age as Ruins Hunter, so he’s no fool. Secondly, he manipulates the Zodiacs into going with his ideas for the election rules, without them knowing he plans this, two days prior.

Lastly, by deducing his son will want to be a Hunter one day, he creates a game, which will teach him the advanced techniques of Nen. The man is just brilliant.


6. Overrated: Has A Lack Of Respect For His Friends

Overrated: Has A Lack Of Respect For His Friends

Seeing that Ging isn't the most favored around other Hunters, one would fathom he is at least courteous to his friends. This isn't the case, unfortunately. Ging has been known to treat his friends poorly, at times.

For example, he legally changes one of his friend's names who assists in creating Greed Island, WDwun to Dwun, without his consent. Ging claims he did this so his name can fit with the game's acronym, G.R.E.E.D I.S.L.A.N.D.


5. Underrated: He’s Very Perceptive

Underrated: He’s Very Perceptive

Ging has exemplified in many ways he can perceive a situation. For instance, he informs Pariston and Leorio both that he isn't concerned about his son dying because he knows that he’s not going to die. Ging knows Gon has made great friends throughout his journey as a Hunter. Therefore, he feels they will never let him die.

He warns his fellow Zodiac, Cheadle she is not going to beat Pariston in the election, by playing fair. Pariston knows how to sway voters. He also adds she is predictable, and he will exploit this. As much as she can't, stand Ging she trusts his ability to perceive, which is why she asks for his advice.


4. Overrated: The Guy Is Just Selfish

Overrated: The Guy Is Just Selfish

Ging selfishness knows no bounds; despite being very wealthy, he never thought to send his family on Whale Island some money? He does have a son that lives there. Gon needs clothes, food, etc. From what is seen in the anime, Gon’s family does not seem as they are struggling, however, the gesture is still greatly appreciated.

It's not as if Ging lacks the resources. Lastly, letting your relatives raise your only child, and not remaining in contact with them, is a strong sign of selfishness.


3. Underrated: He Attempts To Raise His Son His Own Way

Underrated: He Attempts To Raise His Son His Own Way

Ging always knew he wasn’t well equipped to be a father, so he did find some way to raise his son, but from a distance. There is a high chance Gon is going to have prospects of becoming a Hunter, so Ging decides to prepare him for that. He does this by leaving clues to assist him in finding him, such as leaving a box that requires Nen to open it. Furthermore, Ging has entrusted the growth of his son with the right people such as Kite and Razor.

While searching for evidence of Ging's whereabouts on Whale Island, Kite saves Gon’s life when was younger from a wild animal. Years later, he takes him on as a pupil. Razor gives Gon the greatest dodgeball game of his life. Ging did instruct Razor not to go easy on his son. Although Gon may have been devoid of  Gings s fathering, for the majority of his life, Ging makes sure Gon has father figures in his life to guide him.


2. Overrated: Ging Is A Horrible Father

gon crying

Ging has done some great things in life, but being a good father is not one of them. He leaves his son with his younger cousin and doesn’t contact Gon for over a decade. He leaves him a cassette tape which explains that he doesn’t want to see him, but he can still look for him if he wants to.

What type of father says that to his own son? After Gon completes Greed Island, Elena follows Ging’s instructions to send Gon to Kite, if Gon isn't by himself. Even when Gon eventually finds Ging, he still tries to weasel out of hanging out with him.


1. Underrated: One Of The 5 Best Nen User’s

Underrated: One Of The 5 Best Nen User’s

Nen is one of the main components of Hunter x Hunter's lore. Fans enjoy seeing the unique abilities many of the characters encompass. It is stated by Netero that Ging is one of the 5 best Nen users he has seen. In the anime, sadly fans are unable to see Ging actually use his Nen.

The manga, however, gets a little more into detail about his Nen powers. Judging by his status and acclaim as a Hunter, however, it's not surprising Ging has powerful Nen abilities. Netero also stated this once, so it's true.



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