Hunter X Hunter: MBTI® Of Characters

Using the MBTI® chart, here's a list of a handful of Hunter X Hunter characters and the personality type they fall under. Take a look.
Hunter X Hunter: MBTI® Of Characters

Using the MBTI® chart, here's a list of a handful of Hunter X Hunter characters and the personality type they fall under. Take a look.

Hunter X Hunter is packed to the brim with unique and interesting characters. With such a huge cast of characters, it can be tough to make each one of them feel like their own person and unlike any of the other characters, but Hunter X Hunter pulls it off brilliantly, which is why even minor characters end up being memorable.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) is a fun tool to use on the many characters of the series to see what personality type they could fall under. Using the MBTI® chart, here's a list of a handful of Hunter X Hunter characters and the personality type they fall under. Take a look.

10. Bisky - ENTP

Bisky - ENTP

Biscuit Krueger, aka Bisky, is Gon and Killua's teacher, and under her tutelage, the boys were able to control and use their Nen to an even greater degree than their previous teacher. If you're familiar with the series, you know that Biskey is a clear ENTP.

She can be devious at times but she's usually alert and analytical, and she's also resourceful at solving just about any problem that comes up. Not to mention that because she's devious, she's really good at reading people.

9. Kite - ISTJ

Kite - ISTJ

Kite might not have gotten enough screen time but he still left a huge impact on Gon especially. He was an exceptionally talented hunter who fits nicely into the ISTJ personality type.

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He was a stoic and reserved person which often made him come off as rude or cold but he was anything but. Even though he was withdrawn, he cared greatly for those close to him. His personality type also reflects his fighting skills as he's analytical but more importantly, has practical judgment during combat.

8. Ging - INTP

Ging - INTP

Winner of the "Absent Father of the Year" award for twelve straight years, Ging is the father of the series' protagonist, Gon. Because he was barely seen throughout the series, not much is known about Ging, but his absence from much of the series is also a good indicator of his personality type, INTP.

INTPs like to keep to themselves and do their own thing, which is something Ging is familiar with having abandoned his son to explore the world. Despite all that, Ging is very intelligent, able to focus precisely on subjects that interest him, and he can look deep into problems to come up with solutions.

7. Chrollo - INTJ

Chrollo - INTJ

Chrollo Lucilfer is an enigma, to say the least. He's the leader of the Phantom Troupe, an infamous band of thieves, but almost nothing is known about his past. He keeps his distance from even his subordinates but still maintains their trust.

Chrollo best fits into the INTJ personality type. He's independent but very driven, and he's great at finding patterns and looking toward the future. He keeps his cards close to the chest but he knows exactly what he's doing.

6. Meruem - INFJ

Meruem - INFJ

One of the most powerful characters in the whole series, and one of the best-written antagonists in all of shonen anime, Meruem is the king of the Chimera Ants. Meruem goes through a ringer of a character arc so this entry will focus on his personality type at the end of his arc.

Meruem fits nicely into the INFJ type. Despite being immensely powerful, Meruem seeks connection in relationships and he's firm in sticking to his values, despite some hiccups along the way. It's because Meruem is an INFJ that he went through huge changes over the course of the Chimera Ant arc.

5. Hisoka - ISTP

Hisoka - ISTP

When Nen was first introduced, Hisoka said that Transmuters like himself tend to be fickle and quick to use deceit, and that's Hisoka to a T. Taking Hisoka's Nen personality test into consideration, Hisoka best fits the ISTP personality type.

Hisoka is a flexible person, able to adapt to nearly any situation, and it's an aspect of his personality that's reflected in his Nen ability, Bungee Gum. He may be a trickster quick to lie but he's also very analytical and is quick to come up with practical solutions to problems.

4. Kurapika - ISFJ

Kurapika - ISFJ

Kurapika is out on a mission of revenge against the Phantom Troupe but deep down he's a caring and considerate person. For that reason, Kurapika is best suited as an ISFJ personality type.

ISFJs are considerate, responsible, and care deeply for the people that are most important to them. Those are all qualities that Kurapika has in spades, especially considering that he temporarily gave up his revenge quest in order to save his friends.

3. Leorio - ENFJ

Leorio - ENFJ

Leorio is not one to be afraid of getting in your face. This is the guy that punched Ging square in the face. The reason he's so boisterous is that he cares about his friends so much that he can't contain it.

It's clear that Leorio is an ENFJ. He's loyal and empathetic to his friends, in tune with the emotional needs of people. Above all, Leorio wants to help people, it 's one of the reasons he wants to be a doctor.

2. Killua - INFP

Killua - INFP

Killua may be a deadly assassin, but deep down he's really a sensitive young boy robbed of a childhood who just wants a friend. Some fans have pegged him as an INTP because of his ability to think rationally, but he's actually too emotional to be an INTP.

Killua is a clear INFP. People of this personality type are loyal friends and tend to be idealistic. Even though he was trained from birth to look at things rationally, Killua almost always makes decisions based on his emotions.

1. Gon - ESFP

Gon - ESFP

Finally, there's Gon, the cheerful protagonist of Hunter X Hunter. Gon is a typical ESFP personality type, which is the personality type that most shonen protagonists fall under.

Like other ESFPs, Gon is enthusiastic and spontaneous, sometimes to his detriment. However, he's only so gung-ho about things because he sees life as being full of possibilities that he can use to grow stronger and find his father Ging.


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