My Hero Academia: 10 Pieces Of Aizawa/Ms. Joke Fan Art You'll Love

Aizawa and Ms. Joke have crossed paths a few times on My Hero Academia, and they're like day and night. Fans have made great art of the two of them!
My Hero Academia: 10 Pieces Of Aizawa/Ms. Joke Fan Art You'll Love

Aizawa and Ms. Joke have crossed paths a few times on My Hero Academia, and they're like day and night. Fans have made great art of the two of them!

In the world of My Hero Academia, superpowered quirks have become so common, there are entire schools dedicated to training boys and girls to become superheroes. These schools provide a regular education alongside heroic training, and only the best teachers can bring out a student's potential.

Shota Aizawa, or Eraserhead, is the homeroom teacher for UA's class 1-A, and the laughing hero known as Ms. Joke is a teacher at another school known as Ketsubutsu. Aizawa and Ms. Joke have crossed paths a few times, and they're like day and night. But they respect each other, and Ms. Joke also nurses a huge crush on Aizawa. So, the fans have decided to make fan art starring this unlikely couple, and here are the results.

10. Big Wink

Big Wink

The first entry in this charming gallery comes courtesy of artist Haraa Jubilee, who went for a cartoony and colorful take on this superhero will-they-won't-they couple. The artist peppered the negative space with a few green hearts, possibly to match Ms. Joke's bandana.

Ms. Joke popped right up behind Aizawa and got in close, and once Aizawa turned around in confusion, Ms. Joke hit him with a big smile and an even bigger wink. It's just like her to come up from behind with a "surprise!" like that.

9. Sudden Embrace

Sudden Embrace

Sometimes, Aizawa is pretty standoffish even around his fellow heroes, like Midnight or All Might, but other times, he might be in the mood for a little companionship. Artist StarGureisu seems to think so too, according to this lovely fan art.

In this piece, Ms. Joke is thrown forth, right into Aizawa's waiting arms. Aizawa wasn't taken by surprise this time; he knew what was coming, and it was all he ever wanted. Just look his easily he laced his fingers between Ms. Joke's, and how he gently patted his hand on her head.

8. Punk Style

Punk Style

Some of the characters in My Hero Academia have a distinct punk style to them, such as the black leather and radio DJ personality of Present Mic or the sheer attitude of Katsuki Bakugo. Sometimes, Ms. Joke is a bit punkish, too, in a funny way.

In this fan art by artist La-Minx, Ms. Joke is goofing off and throwing up the peace sign while sticking out her tongue, and Aizawa backs her up with a casual, "what are you lookin' at?" over his shoulder, aimed right at the viewer. They have so much fun together.

7. Reluctant Grin

Reluctant Grin

Even if Ms. Joke and Aizawa were to hook up, it's not like Aizawa's exterior would change over time. In intimate moments, he'll open up, but in public, he's the same grouch as ever. Ms. Joke wants to put a smile on that face.

Ms. Joke is riding piggyback in artist doodle_b.u.g's charming fan art, and she's determined for her boyfriend to show that smile no matter what it takes. Aizawa isn't having the best time, but he's taking it in stride like a good sport.

6. Looking Good

Looking Good

Usually, Aizawa looks a big haggard, from his unshaven stubble and messy hair to his habit of using a sleeping bag in the middle of class. But if he and Ms. Joke are going to a party as a couple, he's going to clean up a bit.

In this lovely fan art by artist DKettchen, both of them are looking good in suits, and Ms. Joke made quite sure that her beau has a tie that honors her hero outfit: green and orange stripes. Aizawa probably doesn't have any preference on tie color, so Ms. Joke took her chance to provide input.

5. Smile Wider!

Smile Wider!

Aizawa's struggle to make a proper smile continues, but at least he's starting to make some progress. He's gone from "permanent scowl" to "reluctant smile" when going out and about. At this right, he might even get it right.

Artist TheHannalyzer decided to sketch out these characters on paper, and even in black and white forms, Ms. Joke is looking radiant like always, and there's fine hatching on Aizawa's scarf to give it a silvery look.

4. Hold Me Close

Hold Me Close

Artist Juney-chan went all out on this piece of Ms. Joke/Aizawa pairing fan art. It's a work of highly detailed digital art, where Aizawa is swathed in cat-pattern blankets (he loves cats) while Ms. Joke holds him tight.

For a change, Ms. Joke isn't goofing off or trying to make Aizawa smile; instead, she's relaxed and quiet, and she's just happy that Aizawa is comfortable. The whole scene has a soft, colorful lighting to it, adding to the atmosphere of gentle charm.

3. Secret Message

Secret Message

This is an age-old gag; the bride and groom are happy on the outside, and the groom is secretly looking for rescue from the confines of marriage. At first, it looks like Ms. Joke had roped Aizawa into this, and he's terrified of it all.

But maybe not. There's a chance that Aizawa is actually pranking anyone who sees his "SAVE ME" paper, and he is actually quite content with the marriage. Or Ms. Joke put it there herself as a self-deprecating gag. Artist ZelgadisGW made it ambiguous, and Aizawa's calm look ofjoy could be 100% genuine.

2. The Long Haul

The Long Haul

Once in a while, Ms. Joke's creative sense of humor inspires Aizawa to show his quirky side, and in this cheerful fan art by artist JCLIllustrations, Aizawa is being a great sport and decided to haul his girlfriend along in a wheelbarrow.

It's just like Ms. Joke to enjoy a gag like this, and she'll want Aizawa to push her along all day long. She's also got a paper in her hand, but its contents aren't shown. Is she hiding some big secret?

1. Trading Places

Trading Places

Sometimes, it's fun to take two characters and put them in each other's outfits or lots in life and see what happens. Artist DKettchen returns, and they imagined Ms. Joke and Aizawa with each other's color schemes and personalities, and perhaps quirks, too.

A serious Ms. Joke is getting a little fed up with the constant need to iron out her scarf, and a goofy Aizawa is just hanging out, gently teasing her in that garish outfit of his. The tables have totally turned this time.

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