Which One-Punch Man Character Are You, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac?

Can you relate to any of these larger-than-life anime personalities? Or are they simply too far fetched to have a place in the real world?
Which One-Punch Man Character Are You, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac?

Can you relate to any of these larger-than-life anime personalities? Or are they simply too far fetched to have a place in the real world?

The characters in One-Punch Man are not meant to be taken seriously — they are abstracted parodies of popular anime types, exaggerated slightly for comedic effect. From the stern Silver Fang to the playful Puri-Puri-Prisoner, there is quite a diverse range of personalities spread across this series.

This variety allows for classifying these characters into various categories, for instance the Chinese Zodiac signs, each represented by an animal. Although there are three versions of the story: the webcomic, the manga and the anime, each of them at different stages of completion, there will be no spoilers (at least for those who are up to date with the manga.)

12. Rat - Silver Fang

Silver Fang

Silver Fang is a total Rat: from his sharp mind to perfect perception, he is one of the few characters in the series to exhibit common sense. Although he runs a popular Dojo, and is a highly sought after martial arts teacher, he is not very gregarious in nature.

In fact, Silver Fang only hangs out with select people, like Saitama or Bomb (and Charanko, but he's unavoidable.) He has been known to be extra demanding of his students, as many Rats are, making him at least partially responsible for Garou.

11. Ox - Speed-O'-Sound Sonic

Speed-O'-Sound Sonic

Sonic is a traditionalist, but sometimes, his rigid expectations lead to inner turmoil; for example, his insistence that Saitama is actually weaker than he is, as would anyone without any sort of martial training.

His persistent and tenacious Ox persona is best observed when he constantly challenges Saitama for one more opportunity to prove his mettle. Sadly, determination in excess, especially when encountering incessant failure, can result in anger issues, something Sonic clearly suffers from.

10. Tiger - Fubuki


The Tiger signifies strength, boldness and independence, all traits found in abundance in Fubuki. She is a strong personality, having built her operation from the ground up, but this also makes her reckless in several ways.

This can be seen in her choosing to attack Saitama simply because he "disrespected" her by knocking her minions into the air. At her core, though, Fubuki cares a lot about her friends (she even puts herself at risk while protecting Silver Fang and his brother during the Overgrown Rover attack.)

9. Rabbit - Atomic Samurai

Atomic Samurai

At0mic Samurai is a gentle, yet arrogant, character — like when he ignores Saitama's greeting, claiming that he only cares about heroes at S-Class level. He is a classic Rabbit in this regard, but also in terms of his overconfidence and hatred of relying on others for help.

In one case, he takes on Black Sperm without considering the fact that the more he uses his famed Atomic Slash against a villain that reproduces with every cut, the more he needs to continue fighting.

8. Dragon - Garou


Garou, of course, is the Dragon, from his mysterious motives to wanton acts of destruction. As someone who rejects the beaten path, he cannot tolerate what he considers to be artificial empathy amongst those who call themselves "heroes".

Garou murders superheroes around the various sub-cities, bringing the Hero Association to its knees. He believes himself to be a twisted savior, bringing balance to the world that despises monsters for no rhyme nor reason.

7. Snake - Amai Mask

Amai Mask

Amai Mask, a.k.a. Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask, is named perfectly. On the surface, he is charming and irresistible, but his true form is a nasty piece of work.

Being a Snake, Amai Mask knows the power of disguise and deception, carefully catering to his adoring fans on one side, and performing horrific cruelties on the other. Given his self-imposed reign as gatekeeper to the S-Class, he is highly distrustful of people who are weaker than him.

6. Horse - Boros


Boros was made to be a ruler, a king, a leader. His cosmic powers give him no respite, however; he prefers to wander around the universe looking for a respectable death. Boros is a classic Horse, chiefly in terms of the sign's negative qualities.

He expresses an indestructible trust in his own strength, but simultaneously assumes that his level of skill automatically absolves him of ethical responsibility. Boros massacres whole worlds to satiate this thirst, which is obvious given his indifference to the people of A-City.

5. Goat - Mumen Rider

Mumen Rider

Satoru, or Mumen Rider, is a tricky one. He most resembles the Goat because of his enduring loyalty to innocent citizens, manifesting as his eagerness to protect them from danger.

Satoru can also be blatantly reckless, like going full-tilt against monsters who he knows could rip him to shreds with just a glance. Nevertheless, he does comprehend his own limits, admitting that he only fights high threat level enemies in the hope that he can stall them until the strong heroes come to save the day.

4. Monkey - Tatsumaki


A most unfortunate combination of impatience and incredible power, Tatsumaki is the Monkey in every possible way. She is eternally restless, and consequently, annoyed with everyone and every thing who is unlucky enough to cross her path.

This sort of hyperactive behavior is exhausting for the people around her, but her Hero Association rankings keeps potential complaints far away. Monkeys need a constant stream of activities to keep themselves occupied — Tatsumaki hunts monsters even when not on the job.

3. Rooster - Puri-Puri-Prisoner


As a Rooster, Puri-Puri-Prisoner maintains a strict personal code (aside from his infrequent perv attacks on any neighbouring sexy boys.) He can be a tad sarcastic in his commentary; several people take offense to his unfortunate quips.

At heart, however, Puri-Puri-Prisoner is surprisingly the least arrogant member in S-Class. For example, he only pretends that he broke out of jail to show off his rank in front of Genos: the real reason is that he wanted to save heroes from being murdered by the Deep Sea King.

2. Dog - Genos


The standard expectations from a Dog are loyalty and social responsibility. Genos is both these things, especially considering the unmitigated love and protectiveness he shows Saitama.

Like a Dog, he gets upset when people insult his sensei, even initiating fights to restore Saitama's "honor". In rare instances, Genos tends to exhibit a paranoid streak, like when he refuses to acknowledge that his master gained nigh omnipotence through basic cardio.

1. Pig - Saitama


Saitama is largely apathetic to the various political/emotional/social struggles that surround him, a fact eminently understandable due to his peerless strength. Being on top of the world is a lonely position, indeed.

Being a Pig, he understands that all actions are ultimately inconsequential, that life may not always work out according to the path one carves for themselves. Saitama is extremely indecisive, a definitive Pig trait: whether it's choosing something for dinner or fulfilling his Hero obligations, he is cranky about everything.

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