Sailor Moon: The 10 Most Powerful Sailor Senshi, Ranked

Sailor Moon has a detailed and layered backstory, including the powerful Sailor Senshi. We ranked all of the most powerful ones!
Sailor Moon: The 10 Most Powerful Sailor Senshi, Ranked

Sailor Moon has a detailed and layered backstory, including the powerful Sailor Senshi. We ranked all of the most powerful ones!

Sailor Moon is a shojo manga and Anime that came out in the '90s. With cute boys, powerful heroines, and extremely long transformation sequences, it is the pinnacle of magical-girl anime. Sailor Moon and the Guardian Senshi have been the prime female heroes a girl can look up to for generations to come. There is always a Sailor Senshi someone can relate to.

There are a lot of Sailor Senshi, or guardians, in the anime and manga. From a wide range of characters and one Tuxedo Mask, a lot of them are extremely powerful, while others are downright lame. Here is Sailor Moon: The 10 Most Powerful Sailor Moon Senshi, Ranked.


10. Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury

Ami Mizuno, also known as Sailor Mercury, is the second character in the series to turn into a sailor Senshi. Ami wants to be a doctor when she graduates high school and she doesn't believe in killing anyone. She is sweet, kind and the team would not be the same without her.

While her powers are pretty mediocre compared to the rest of the Senshi, she makes up for it with her mind. She has a genius-level intellect and the team would be nothing without her wisdom and strategy. It shows brains are just as great as brawn.


9. Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter

The first time Makoto Kino meets Usagi in the manga is when she saves her from being run over by a car. Makoto is the third girl to become a sailor scout. She practices karate and is very strong, even before she had enhanced strength abilities. She is known as the muscle of the team and is one of the many powerful main characters.

Her powers are made up of lighting and the Earth. A few of her power names are "sailor planet attack" and "planet attack." With the power to control planets, she definitely seems pretty OP.


8. Sailor Uranus

Sailor Uranus

Haruka Tenou is a part of the Sailor Scouts of the solar system. They identify as non-binary, as in not exclusively a boy or a girl. Haruka also loves to flirt, especially when she is around Usagi. They are a professional race car driver and the partner of Michiru Kaiou, who is also known as Sailor NeptuneHaruka is also one of the older Sailor scouts being 17 years old by the series' end.

Haruka uses a weapon called "space sword" and has a power called "space turbulence." If names like that don't scream "extremely powerful," what does?


7. Sailor Venus

Sailor Venus

Minako Aino is the fourth Sailor Scout to join the team. She loves to pull pranks and play video games when she isn't defeating evil by midnight. She knew back in middle school she was to protect Earth before Sailor Moon even knew of her magical girl powers. She also has the cat Artemis who is like Luna to Usagi.

Sailor Venus is the Sailor Scout of love, light, gold materials and beauty. On top being able to manipulate people's feelings in battle, she can also change her appearance to match others. She is beauty, she is grace, she will crescent beam you in the face!


6. Sailor Saturn

Sailor Saturn

Hotaru Tomoe is the tenth Sailor Scout to join the team and is a part of the outer Sailor Scouts. As a child, she almost died in a fire with her mother but instead, she became the host of Daimon Mistress 9. As if her childhood wasn't already crazy enough, her father turned her into a cyborg. In the end, Hataru becomes Sailor Saturn when Mistress 9 killed her when she left Hotaru's body.

Hotaru is the sailor of death and destruction. She has the power to put up powerful force fields that can protect her and her team. People are scared of Sailor Saturn and she is known as the strongest guardian.


5. Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto

Setsuna Meiou is Sailor Pluto and the guardian of space. She is the oldest of the group being a University student and nurse. Sailor Pluto is the scout with one of the most interesting backgrounds. She is the daughter of Chronos (the Greek God of time and space) and the Princess of Pluto.

Setsuna was given the job of guarding the Door of space in time. She was not allowed to leave the door unattended, let anyone go through it, or use her power to change time. She can stop time and has a power called "dead scream," which is enough proof that she is very powerful.


4. Sailor Chibi Chibi

Sailor Chibi Chibi

Chibi Chibi is the child form of one of the strongest Sailor Guardians named Sailor Cosmos. Sailor Cosmos comes from a future where everything is gone because of a battle with Chaos. She makes her entrance by floating down from the sky holding on to her umbrella. The nature of her being there is to tell the guardians to destroy Chaos in the future and to not let her make the future she comes from. It is later seen in the series that Sailor Cosmos is the older version of Sailor Moon.

Her powers are endless and God-Like. In her toddler form, she is so powerful that she can teleport a group of people long distances.


3. Sailor Astarte

Sailor Astarte

Sheba Shingetsu Astarte is not apart of the normal manga or anime series, but a part of the Sailor Moon musical stage shows. What makes Sailor Astarte so unique is that she is a Hindu God. Like a lot of the other Guardians, she is also a reincarnation of someone special. She is the reincarnation of goddess Astarte.

She grew to believe she was supposed to be the goddess of the moon not Usagi. In the end, she becomes an ally of the Sailor Guardians instead of an enemy. Sheba has very powerful magic and calls from the power of the mother goddess' might.


2. Sailor Galaxia

Sailor Galaxia

Sailor Galaxia is the most powerful sailor Guardian there has ever been and is the ruler of Shadow Galatica. She is the last enemy of the entire Sailor Moon series. When she was born she was alone for a very long time. Then She discovered she had the power of a Sailor Senshi she left her planet to find a better and stronger one.

With her Sapphire Crystal, she can destroy stars and planets on a whim. The main weapon Galaxia uses is her Galactica Bracelets which can beam a stream of energy that can destroy a Senshi's crystal. She also has two powerful attacks called "Galactica Super String" and "Galactica Inflation." With these abilities combined, she can defeat almost everyone... except Sailor Moon. 


1. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is the most powerful Senshi that has ever lived. She fights for love and justice and wins every time. She is from a society on the moon called the Moon Kingdom, but she was  later reborn on Earth.  She forgot about her past life until Luna came and told her she was Sailor Moon protector of Earth and the galaxy.

Other than being all-powerful, she loves napping, eating, and boys, all of which are very relatable. She has not only been Sailor Moon, but also Super Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, Neo-Queen Serenity, and Sailor Cosmos. She is the most powerful being in the Galaxy and always will be. "Never running from a real fight! She is the one named Sailor Moon!"

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