Saitama VS Naruto: Who Would Win?

Saitama of One-Punch Man & Naruto Uzumaki of Naruto are incredibly strong protagonists. Here is who would win in a fight.
Saitama VS Naruto: Who Would Win?

Saitama of One-Punch Man & Naruto Uzumaki of Naruto are incredibly strong protagonists. Here is who would win in a fight.


Considered one of the strongest Shinobi in existence, Naruto Uzumaki is currently the Hokage of Konoha who saved the world and earned his village's respect by possessing strength and talent that surpassed his peers.

Shonen Jump heroes are known for their ridiculous strength, but Saitama, from One-Punch Man sat on a different level. A hero with the ability to end fights in one punch, could he really be able to defeat Naruto in a serious battle? In this list, Naruto and Saitama's strengths and feats will be measured against each other to see who would come out on a top.


10. Signature Move: Naruto

Signature Move: Naruto

Through grueling efforts and training, young Naruto mastered the Rasengan, an A-rank Jutsu beyond the capabilities of any Genin and Chunin. The move is a spiraling ball of chakra that, when used on an opponent, causes devastating damage to their body. As his signature move, the technique evolved into the Rasenshurken, a Rasengan infused with wind-chakra that can be thrown and manipulated.

Though impressive in its power, it's main strength lies in versatility. Naruto can combine the Rasengan with his shadow clones for a multi-strike, augment it with Sage Mode, the list goes on.


9. Signature Move: Saitama

Signature Move: Saitama

"Normal" Punch is Saitama's go-to technique when faced with a threat, especially when he wants to end the fight quickly. Normal Punch has defeated many seemingly overwhelming enemies, including Dragon-Level threats, which are monsters that are classified as being capable of wiping out entire cities.

That's it; it's just a punch. What it lacks in the flashiness of the Rasengan, it makes up for with effectiveness.

Verdict: Tie Although Normal Punch may be stronger, Naruto's mastery and creativity with the Rasengan just barely allows him to be evenly matched with Saitama in this category.


8. Strongest Move: Naruto

Strongest Move: Naruto

Naruto's strongest technique is Jutsu Sage Art: Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken. This technique has only been used during his fight against Kaguya to save humanity. The technique involves Naruto creating eight shadow clones with his Bunshin-No-Jutsu technique, or clone technique, while in Six-Paths Sage form. Naruto and his clones then each create a Rasenshuriken embued with the powers of a different tailed beast.

After doing so, the clones, along with Naruto, launch the technique at their foe, resulting in massive elemental destruction.


7. Strongest Move: Saitama

Strongest Move: Saitama

Boros, the alien pirate who survived Saitama's normal punch, required a heavier hand. In order to kill him, Saitama resorted to pulling out a technique he had never thought necessary: the Serious Punch.

Despite looking the same as Normal Punch in that it really is just a punch, this move is shown to be much more impactful. Aside from parting the clouds across the planet, the Serious Punch also split Boros's Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon, which almost took out the Earth, in half. Though revealed that this is nowhere near his full-strength, time will tell what a Saitama pressed against the wall could be capable of.

Verdict: Saitama Naruto barely scratched Kaguya with his ultimate technique; Saitama's not only obliterated Boros, but it wasn't even his strongest attack.


6. Most Impressive Feat: Naruto

Most Impressive Feat: Naruto

On the brink of losing everyone they loved, Naruto and the rest of Team 7 were able to defeat and seal away the Goddess Kaguya. Stronger than any foe they had ever faced, Naruto and company overcame the progenitor of chakra herself.

With complete mastery over all five elemental chakras, the ability to absorb the technique and chakra of anyone she touches, regeneration, and possessing nearly unlimited chakra, Kaguya posed a threat to the entire world. Although it took the coordinated efforts of Naruto in Six-Paths Sage form, Sasuke, and Sakura, they were able to overcome Kaguya and save humanity.


5. Most Impressive Feat: Saitama

Most Impressive Feat: Saitama

Boros, the Dragon-turned-God-Level threat to the entire world, knocked on Earth's door, seeking someone to satiate his desire for a worthy opponent. As previously mentioned, even while wearing armor to seal his full strength, Boros was able to survive Saitama's normal punch, unseen by a villain until this point.

Despite Boros's immense strength, speed, regenerative abilities, and his Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon (capable of destroying planets), Saitama was still able to defeat Boros while in space. Boros even remarked that during the killing blow, Saitama still held back.

Verdict: Saitama Kaguya and Boros could be argued to be on the same level of threat, and it required Naruto at his strongest along with Sakura and Sasuke to defeat her, while Saitama took on Boros alone.


4. Hand-To-Hand Combat: Naruto

Hand-To-Hand Combat: Naruto

Naruto is a prodigal student of Frog Kata, which is the fighting style he uses while in Sage Mode. Utilizing Senjutsu, or natural energies, Naruto is able to fight hand-to-hand with enhanced strength, stamina, augmented physicality, and also extend his strikes.

Though physically strong, Naruto's secret energy is his enigmatic nature. Known as the Ninja-Maverick, Naruto's approach to fighting is extremely creative, even for a Shinobi. He is known to have created solutions out of hopeless situations many times in his career, and this creativity is his greatest weapon in battle.


3. Hand-T0-Hand Combat: Saitama

Hand-T0-Hand Combat: Saitama

Saitama is peerless in combat, hands down. He has proven to be fast to the point of running laps around Speed O' Sound Sonic, who is one of the fastest characters in One-Punch Man, and in a spar with his self-appointed student, Genos (an S-Rank hero) the android prodigy couldn't land a single strike.

Saitama is the perfect fighter, very rarely wasting movement, and when he executes, he is swift, often ending the fight before his opponent knows what is happening.

Verdict: Saitama Though creative, Naruto's technique is nothing compared to Saitama's raw power and speed.


2. Overall Strength: Naruto

Overall Strength: Naruto

Naruto's strongest form is his Six-Paths Sage form, which grants him near-unlimited chakra, access to his elemental ninjutsu techniques, as well as unparalleled movement and perception. In this form, not only are Naruto's techniques enhanced, but his physicality is as well. Being able to move at near-light speeds, Naruto's Six-Paths Sage form possesses the fastest movement seen from any character in the series.

As his peak form, Naruto's also able to access his strongest moves while in Six-Paths Sage and used this form to take on Madara and Kaguya to end the Fourth Great Ninja War.


1. Overall Strength: Saitama

Overall Strength: Saitama

Saitama is the strongest character in his own series as it stands. He decimated scores for each physical test in the hero's association exam and has shown to be able to leap to the moon from Earth, as well as survive the vacuum of space.

The problem with measuring Saitama's combat capabilities is that no one has pushed him to his limit yet, and it seems that whenever a stronger threat emerges, Saitama simply overpowers them.

Verdict: Saitama Saitama has no power or skill ceiling as of yet, while even Naruto has shown he has limits. This results in Saitama taking this round as well as the whole match.



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