Which Seven Deadly Sins Character Are You, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac?

Using the personality types described by the Chinese Zodiac, fans of Seven Deadly Sins can figure out which characters they are most like.

Which Seven Deadly Sins Character Are You, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac?

Using the personality types described by the Chinese Zodiac, fans of Seven Deadly Sins can figure out which characters they are most like.

The Chinese Zodiac is based on a legendary story of a race between twelve animals. Today it has been used to tell the traits of the person born in the year of whichever animal it corresponds to. Certain animals are particularly different based on the traits, and the traits encompass both good and bad.

So what of the Kodansha world of the Seven Deadly Sins? Very similar in style and action to other anime staples in Japan like Dragon Ball, the show pits fantasy elements at war in a European-style world.  With a variety of characteristics, the demons, humans, and angels can also take part in the Chinese Zodiac. With personality traits unique to each character, which one are you based on the Chinese zodiac signs?

12. Rat - Meliodas


Smart and resourceful, the Rat signifies a sneaky nature. In the series, no character is more sneaky than the great Meliodas. Whether he's sneaking a grope on Elizabeth, or hiding his true strength and rage behind a smile, Meliodas is a true Rat. The sin of anger gives him near limitless strength, and he uses this crafty guile and smiling facade to lure his opponents into a false sense of security, hitting them with a multitude of moves.

11. Ox - Diane


Strong and stubborn, the Ox is best seen in Diane. The giant member of the team, Diane is a strong member that is an invaluable asset to the team. Still, it is her stubborn nature that makes her difficult especially for King, who loves her unconditionally. Still, it is Meliodas who she pines for, and this stubborn love for him often puts other members of the team at odds with one another.

10. Tiger - Ban


Frank and determined, the Tiger is also fierce and wild in their actions. Ban is easily the most frank character, openly mocking and saying things others won't. Still, it his determination that separates him from the rest.

His love for Elaine is what fuels him, as he yearns to bring back his long lost love. Even his powers are a reflection of his determined nature, Ban is practically immortal. He fights wildly and with reckless abandon, and yet he does it for the love he lost.

9. Rabbit - Elaine


Smart and gentle but swift in motion, the Rabbit is also known to lose hope and retreat. While the anime only showed brief moments of Elaine, it mainly showed her gentle side. Even though she loathed Ban and was determined to give up on him, it was what stopped her when hope was lost. When she sacrificed herself for him, she did so knowing he would redeem himself. Nothing is more gentle and smart than that.

8. Dragon - Demon King

Demon King

Powerful and arrogant, the Dragon is also relentless... just like the Demon King. The father of Meliodas, he possessed his son to re-enter the physical realm and was aided by multiple powers. His great strength was benefited by the ruler, which gave him limitless powers. However, it was his arrogance that was his undoing as he underestimates the power of Meliodas and his friends. When they unite in the spirit world, they manage to defeat the great evil.

7. Snake - Gilthunder


Sharp and intuitive, the Snake is also deceptive and elusive and Gilthunder is a great example of this. Originally a kind man, Gilthunder has punished villages and hunted the team.

He was an intelligent enemy, leading his men to chase Meliodas in vengeance for his father's death. Despite this, it was all because his long lost love was held in hostage. Still, his deceptive nature over this and evil actions leading to the reveal cement his status as a snake.

6. Horse - Elizabeth


Passionate yet gentle, the Horse is also strong-minded and anxious. Elizabeth is a great blend of these traits as she is often kind to others and self-sacrificing. Still, it is her stubborn pride that in many ways led to her reincarnation cycle by the Demon King. Moreover, she is prone to bouts of anxiety, particularly when she feels like she is endangering those who protect her. Still, her gentle side is often boosted by her passion for justice and protection of the innocent.

5. Sheep - Gowther


Gentle and sympathetic the Sheep is also known to be a shy follower. These traits fit Gowther best. The puppet-like sin of lust was known for his calm attitude as well as his sympathy for the downtrodden. He even used his armor to protect a human about to turn into a demon and tried to save him. Still, he is definitely not a leader, always quiet and shy using his magic to support the leading actions of Meliodas, Ban, King, or even Elizabeth.

4. Monkey - Hawk


Sharp and smart, the Monkey is also cursed with an overtly playful and and even naughty nature. While Hawk would best fit as a pig, his personality is actually more like the monkey.

Always goofing around with Meliodas or eating too much, he is often rarely seen as intelligent or sharp. Still, his plans and ideas do end up helping the group many times and this cements his fit in the zodiac as a Monkey.

3. Rooster - Escanor


Smart and observant, the Rooster is also proud and domineering. Of these characters, Escanor is easily the best fit. The sin of pride, Escanor's power is made so that he is most powerful with the light of the sun, and weak without it. As such, during the day Escanor is an arrogant and domineering knight, a true annoyance to many. But at night, he becomes weak and unfailingly polite. Here it is his observant nature that can be seen in a refreshing light. His night form is polite and scared because he knows of his arrogant nature, and this duality in personality traits can also be seen in some Roosters.

2. Dog - King


Loyal and vigilant, the Dog can also be prone to melancholy and anxiety. The great King is possibly the most tragic in the story. Ever loyal to his love for Diane, he has memories of her childhood and their deep friendship which she has since forgotten due to a spell. Still, he is vigilant in his defense of the team even if he is angry and resentful towards Meliodas. This leads to his bouts of melancholy and sadness, and his anxiety grows with this.

1. Pig - Merlin


Charitable and frank, the pig can also be deceitful. Merlin is the sin of gluttony and is easily a very frank individual. While she can charitable in her actions to help others it usually has to do with what is best for her. Ever the deceitful one, she often tricks the others in the team to do something for her and benefit her needs. This use of others as means instead of ends makes her a darker side of the Pig zodiac.

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