Spirited Away: Which Character Are You Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type?

There are plenty of loveable characters in Spirited Away, but which one would you be based on your Myers-Briggs Type?
Spirited Away: Which Character Are You Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type?

There are plenty of loveable characters in Spirited Away, but which one would you be based on your Myers-Briggs Type?

The theory behind the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality inventory says that much of what people perceive as random human behavior is not random at all, according to the system's developers. The differences people see between themselves and others that often cause brows to furrow or jaws to drop are actually very orderly.

For those who subscribe to the underlying science, humans fall into one of 16 personality types. For those humans who are also fans of the influential 2001 Hayao Miyazaki-directed masterpiece Spirited Away, it's just as helpful to find out which character from the Studio Ghibli film their MBTI aligns with. So, without further ado:


11. ESFJ - N0-Face

ESFJ - N0-Face

Don't take Kaonashi's, or No-Face's, lack of verbal prowess as a sign that this Spirited Away fan favorite is an introvert. On the contrary, take, for example, No-Face's outgoing and generous outlook. He or she is a classic giver.

Here's a helpful yet foreboding spirit who notices what the people around them want and then works to make it happen - often going to the extent of making the things people want materialize right out of thin air. How's that for accommodating? It's only after the harmony No-Face pursues is disrupted that the monosyllabic spirit rather, unfortunately, resorts to consuming nearby people and objects.


10. ESFP - River Spirit

ESFP - River Spirit

It's the River Spirit's carefree exuberance after being relieved of the heavy muck of burden that makes him (and perhaps you, too!) an ESFP. Though a translated "Well done" is the River Spirit's only line in Spirited Away, everything about this character, from his smile to the gold dust he sprinkles as a sort of cosmic tip on his way out the bathhouse door, says magnanimity and pure love of life.

ESFP types are said to be generous, supportive, easy-going, and spontaneous. The River Spirit's only scene in Spirited Away positions him as a really solid old man who may not need a body anymore, but with whom you'd still really enjoy hanging out in whatever form he happened to presently occupy.


9. ESTP - Haku

ESTP - Haku

Haku is a classic ESP in hero mode. A smooth operator with a steady head who's always paying attention to the objective facts presented by the inner workings of the crazy-pants fantasy world to which he belongs. He's an active protector, whether in human or dragon-deity form, never a passive observer.

Each move is more grandiose and heroic than the last for Haku in Spirited Away. His steadfastness in protecting Chihiro from harm is what ultimately allows her to trust Haku, and these are both traits that may come through in an ESTP personality type.


8. ISFJ - Chihiro/Sen

ISFJ - Chihiro/Sen

Chihiro, though meek, works hard. Her conscientiousness is revealed early on in the animated hit when she refuses to (bad pun intended) pig out on free food, even though her parents encourage her toward gluttony.

ISFJs are often quiet but committed and responsible people. They're the type that might seem boring to some who don't take time to get to know them. But to those who do take the time, ISFJs can be some of the most loyal and considerate friends in their social circle. Lin, Kamaji, No-Face, and Haku all found this out about Chihiro (or Sen) through the course of the film.


7. ESTJ Or ENTJ - Chihiro's Dad

ESTJ Or ENTJ - Chihiro's Dad

From what surface-level look viewers get at Mr. Akio Ogino, the first glaringly noticeable personality trait that comes through is that this guy is an extrovert. That's what the "E" or "I" stands for at the beginning of all these type indicators - identifying the subject as an "extrovert" or an "introvert."

This guy has no problem speaking his mind or bossing around a carful of women. We get it, man, you're pater familias. Both these MBTIs are decisive leader-types, so that head-of-household mentality, though somewhat misguided in Mr. Ogino's case, fits here. And when no one's looking, Chihiro's dad has no problem helping himself to someone else's dinner, because, hey, that's just his self-assured prerogative.


6. ENFJ - Chihiro's Mom

ENFJ - Chihiro's Mom

Try as she might at first to thwart her husband's recklessness, Yūko Ogino eventually relents to Akio's domineering adventurousness on the family's impromptu evening out. We don't know that much about Mrs. Ogino as an individual.

We know that she fills the traditional hetero-normative wife and mother role, and we know she's got a little curiosity to her, too. ENFJs are helpers and nurturers as well, who often work to help others fulfill their potential. Good ole Mom.


5. INTJ - Yubaba

INTJ - Yubaba

Look, no one's saying it's inherently bad to be an INTJ. No one is saying that, we promise.

All anyone is saying here is that if the devious and despotic, loud-mouth animated witch who operates Spirited Away's large-scale, ethically questionable bathhouse empire were to take a personality test, she might also be surprised to find out she's an INTJ. Take that for what it's worth and adjust your outlook accordingly, but only if you feel so inclined.


4. INFJ - Zeniba

INFJ - Zeniba

Just one minor personality tweak and two-thirds of the movie later, Spirited Away viewers were pleased to be introduced to Yubaba's way cooler older twin sister Zeniba. And so was No-Face, a sterling judge of character throughout the film who accepted Zeniba's invitation to stay with her and knit for a while in Swamp Bottom.

For the record, the specific personality tweak that differentiates Yubaba from Zeniba lay in their decision-making, the third component of the MBTI equation. Yubaba gets a "T" there because she's a "Thinker" in her decision-making, meaning she relies on logic and consistency. Zeniba gets an "F" there because she "Feels" her way through the decision-making process, focusing on people and circumstances more than her sister does.


3. ENTP Or ENFP - Boh


Boh's predictable giant baby temper tantrums check a couple of different boxes for ENTPs: their outspoken nature and their sense of boredom with the routine. His neediness for constant attention, while no fault of his own at such an early age, checks the box for an ENFP's need for affirmation.


2. INFP Or ISFP - Lin


Lin was at first standoffish toward Sen but immediately turned friendly and kind, once it became clear that the order to give Sen work came from Yubaba. Kindness, friendliness, loyalty, and accepting nature are all very real traits of many INFPs and ISFPs.

But there's another part of that turn of events that makes Lin fit these two types: when you're in Lin's position in that whole zany power structure, you kind of just do what you're told. She's quiet, she doesn't like conflict with the higher-ups, until, of course, Sen's shenanigans make her whole team more visible to management.


1. ISTJ, ISTP Or INTP - Kamaji


Kamaji is, if nothing else, old-school. He's soft-spoken but up-front with Sen. He's thorough at work - to the point that when he's finally done doing the work of three of his two-armed peers for the day, he just rolls over and goes to sleep right there in the same spot because it's just his status quo to just sleep and work in the same exact space.

That is one dedicated worker right there. His wizard mustache and otherwise kooky appearance don't lend him to many friends, but social interaction isn't the main driver for many people fitting these types. Being a problem solver is.


Source: cbr.com

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