Which Sword Art Online Character Are You, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac?

We'd all like to believe that we share the same qualities as our favorite SAO heroes, but what are their true natures according to the Chinese Zodiac?
Which Sword Art Online Character Are You, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac?

We'd all like to believe that we share the same qualities as our favorite SAO heroes, but what are their true natures according to the Chinese Zodiac?

Sword Art Online is an isekai anime, which means that the characters have been pulled into a world that they don’t usually live in and have to make do with their experiences there. In this case, they’re all trapped inside of a video game, and, if they die in the game, they die in real life, cliché as that always is. The series deals with a lot of different kinds of characters—from very confident and self-assured people to more timid and quiet people—and how they survive in this strange situation.

The different character types in the series can definitely line up with the Chinese zodiac signs, and many people can probably see similarities between themselves and the characters because of these shared signs.

12. Rat: Klein

Rat: Klein

Klein is great in most social situations. He is well-liked and friendly, and he’s often able to lighten the mood. Like most Rats, he’s quick-witted and kind. He uses these qualities to make lots of friends and to try to keep the hopes and spirits of his friends up during difficult times.

11. Ox: Kirito

Ox: Kirito

Kirito is the perfect example of an Ox, as he has seen so much death and sees so many of those tragedies as his own failures as a hero, and he is very determined to make sure that he can protect as many people as possible in the future. He’s a great hero because of his dependability, and he tries his best not to let anyone down. He uses his strength for good whenever he can.

10. Tiger: Lisbeth

Tiger: Lisbeth

Lisbeth is a blacksmith that takes a lot of pride in her work. She doesn’t like being told that her work isn’t up to par, and her relationship with Kirito begins because of her desire to make him a great sword. Like all Tigers, she is incredibly confident in her skills and is always looking to get even better. Her competitive nature leads her to insist on becoming Kirito’s personal blacksmith, not wanting anyone else to arm him.

9. Rabbit: Asuna

Rabbit: Asuna

Asuna is a classic Rabbit. She is incredibly kind-hearted, and she can’t resist helping anyone who is in a difficult situation, often to the detriment of her own health and safety.

She’s often the most responsible member of the party, wanting to take care of everyone and make sure everybody is okay following battles.

8. Dragon: Alice Zuberg

Dragon: Alice Zuberg

Alice Zuberg is something of an adventurer. Like all Dragons, she’s very confident, and she uses her intelligence to learn as much about the Sacred Arts as she possibly can. She’s also very excited at the prospect of travel and is not very concerned about the prospect of being in danger while she does so. This enthusiasm, bordering on recklessness, is classic Dragon behavior.

7. Snake: Suguou Nobuyuki

Snake: Suguou Nobuyuki

It’s probably something of a cliche to call a bad guy a Snake. In the Chinese Zodiac, being a snake isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, in Suguou Nobuyuki’s case, he definitely uses his Snake-like qualities to do bad things. He’s very enigmatic and intelligent and uses those qualities to manipulate Asuna and to hide his real nature in order to get his way.

6. Horse: Leafa

Horse: Leafa

Leafa is loud and friendly, and, thanks to her bubbly personality, she’s clearly a Horse through and through.

She is very friendly and energetic and is enthusiastic to do just about any activity. This larger-than-life personality also means, though, that she can have a pretty bad temper when rubbed the wrong way.

5. Goat: Eugeo

Goat: Eugeo

Eugeo is a very kindhearted person. He has a lot of trouble seeing other people hurting, and he does whatever he can to stop that pain whenever he can. These are all classic Goat traits. His gentleness and willingness to help can also mean that he is prone to being sad at the state of things and the ways people have been hurt.

4. Monkey: Rosalia

Monkey: Rosalia

Rosalia is pretty crafty and tries to use her good looks to get herself out of trouble. Monkeys are very sharp and are often able to wiggle themselves out of tricky situations by using their smarts to their advantage. They definitely make missteps sometimes, though, as was made evident when Rosalia tried to convince Kirito to form a party with her because of their curiosities about people.

3. Rooster: Sinon

Rooster: Sinon

Roosters, as might be expected from the actual animal’s behavior, are very courageous and hardworking. Sinon is a perfect example of this, as she is often the coolest head in a bad situation, able to suss out what needs to be done without panicking. She is very observant and is able to make decisions based on the details in front of her without getting overwhelmed.

2. Dog: Zeliska

Dog: Zeliska

Zeliska is a very quiet person who doesn’t like to share a lot of information about herself and is very prudent about the kinds of relationships she nurtures. But, like many Dogs, she is very honest otherwise, particularly about how she feels about others. She shares information only when she deems it necessary, but she never tells half-truths either.

1. Pig: Frenica Szeski

Pig: Frenica Szeski

Frenica Szeski is a pretty timid character who isn’t very interested in fighting despite the fact that she’s very good with a sword. She is diligent in her studies of sword fighting, a trait she shares with many Pigs, and she is generally kind and generous with her time and emotions.

Source: cbr.com

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