5 Sword Art Online Characters Who Deserve One For All (& 5 Who Really Don't)

Suppose the One For all quirk from My Hero Academia found its way into Sword Art Online. Some characters merit this quirk, and others don't.
5 Sword Art Online Characters Who Deserve One For All (& 5 Who Really Don't)

Suppose the One For all quirk from My Hero Academia found its way into Sword Art Online. Some characters merit this quirk, and others don't.

One of the most definitive action-oriented isekai anime series out there is Sword Art Online, where the hero Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya, finds himself in ultra-realistic online battle games. The first game was a trap of sorts, and players had to clear the game or die trying. But Kirito wasn't done yet; he also ended up in a fairy version of the game, and then a gun version. He met many fascinating characters along the way.

Some of these characters show true grit and courage, and they are heroes in a virtual setting. Other characters are elfish, thuggish, or downright crazy, and they are a serious threat to Kirito and everyone he holds dear. Suppose the almighty One For all quirk from My Hero Academia found its way into the Sword Art Online servers, and the wielder could blow everyone away with a single Smash? Some characters in this anime merit this quirk, and others certainly don't. Let's review.

10. Deserves It: Asuna Yuuki

Asuna Yuuki

Asuna is Kirito's best virtual friend, and they met during the life-or-death Sword Art Online game. She is a classic hero, being brave and noble, and highly protective of the people dear to her. And she's never conceited or arro0gant, either, despite being so powerful.

Both in the games and real-life, Asuna is brave and bold, and she will go to extraordinary lengths to repay the debt she owes to Kirito. These traits all make her a great candidate for One For All.

9. Doesn't Deserve It: Suguha Kirigaya

Suguha Kirigaya

Suguha Kirigaya goes by the name Leafa in the games, and she is Kirito's cousin and adopted sister of sorts. She, too, is a brave fighter who looks out for her friends, and she likes to stick to Alfheim Online and use her trademark fairy character.

Leafa will fight for her friends, but she is not interested in saving the world, and she often leaves the big fights to Kirito while watching with her friends. Leafa could, in theory, wield One For All, but she has no desire to fight battles of that caliber just yet.

8. Deserves It: Sinon/Shino Asada

Sinon/Shino Asada

At first, Sinon would have made for a poor wielder of One For All, since the poor girl was suffering from PTSD after a gun-related incident in a post office, and she was bitter and in a fragile state of mind ever since.

The good news is that Sinon bravely confronted her bloody past and conquered her fears, and now, she is a reliable and selfless fighter in Kirito's group in Alfheim Online. Sinon has a balanced perspective on violence and power, and that would make her a humble but fearless user of One For All.

7. Doesn't Deserve It: Yui


This is a fairly straightforward case. The AI known as Yui is both incapable and unwilling to use a power like One For All. She would certainly argue for Kirito's case to inherit it, though.

Instead, Yui is a program that monitors each player's mental health and comforts those in need, and Kirito and Asuna adopted her as their own. Now, Yui plays a support role in Alfheim Online, in a noncombat role. She wouldn't even know how to use One For All, and would instead make sure Asuna or Kirito got it.

6. Deserves It: Eugeo


Eugeo is a supporting character and an ally, who appeared in the ultra-realistic game UnderWorld. He is a humble but hardworking boy who can easily make friends, and he formed a trio with himself, Kirito, and their good friend Alice.

Although he started off as Kirito's inferior in combat, Eugeo worked quite hard to catch up, and he knows the value of diligence. By the time Kirito and Eugeo's mission reached its zenith, Eugeo was ready to give his life to save the entire world, and that selfless spirit is just what a One For All user should have.

5. Doesn't Deserve It: Sachi


This girl appeared early in the first season of Sword Art Online, and she was a somewhat timid girl who belonged to the same guild as Kirito. The two of them were close, but they were forced apart when Laughing Coffin members killed Sachi.

Sachi never demonstrated any extraordinary combat skills or courage, though that is not to say she is a helpless character. She does have strength of spirit and left Kirito a hopeful message after her death to keep him going.

4. Deserves It: Alice Zuberg

Alice Zuberg

Alice Zuberg was part of a trio with Kirito and Eugeo until she (barely) crossed a border with the Dark Territory and was abducted to the central city, where the Administrator was waiting. She was converted into an Integrity Knight, a brainwashed minion of the Administrator.

With Eugeo's help, Alice broke free of that control, and she is a highly skilled and professional fighter who will do anything to set right. Her advanced abilities, conviction, and desire to help Kirito mean she's a great candidate for One For All.

3. Doesn't Deserve It: Noboyuki Sugo/Oberon

Noboyuki Sugo/Oberon

Noboyuki Sugo is probably the vilest villain of the franchise, and he fancied himself as  Oberon the Fairy King. It was he who abducted Asuna and tried to make her his queen, Titania, and he shows his cruel and unsavory nature at every opportunity.

He is cowardly and selfish, and this makes him the total opposite of what any wielder of One For All should be like. Some anime villains get a redemption arc and become true heroes, but others, like King Oberon, never do.

2. Deserves It: Kazuto Kirigaya/Kirito

Kazuto Kirigaya/Kirito

There are a few strikes against Kirito, such as his rather cold and abrasive demeanor at times, and he almost gave in to despair in the first Sword Art Online. But he grew from that experience and proved himself a hero where it counts.

Kirito will take on any challenge without fear, but always smartly, and with a battle plan in mind. He's also fiercely protective of Asuna, Yui, Sinon, Leafa, and many others, so his heart is in the right place, too. One For All is just right for him.

1. Doesn't Deserve It: Death Gun

Death Gun

This is actually three characters in one, but they all share a similar goal, in-game character, and methodology, so they can all be lumped together. These insidious young men are using an avatar named Sterben/Death Gun, and assassinate other players with it.

To do that, these three spy on other players, shoot their character with a certain pistol and poison their target in real life with a drug. They are all vile criminals and the furthest possible candidates for One For All. Instead, One For All should be used on their in-game avatar and blast it apart, as far as the heroes are concerned.

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