Dragon Ball: 10 Hilarious Bulma Memes That Will Make You Cry Laughing

Bulma is one of the most important characters in Dragon Ball, but she's also hilarious. Here's 10 funny memes starring the wife of Vegeta.
Dragon Ball: 10 Hilarious Bulma Memes That Will Make You Cry Laughing

Bulma is one of the most important characters in Dragon Ball, but she's also hilarious. Here's 10 funny memes starring the wife of Vegeta.


There’d be no Dragon Ball franchise without Bulma. Premiering in the very first chapter of the Dragon Ball manga, Bulma introduced Goku and the readers to the entire concept of Dragon Balls, thanks to her own quest to find them. Though she never became a martial artist like Goku and his many other friends, Bulma has always played a major role in the series, often through her scientific expertise.

She has also been a great source of comedic relief, thanks to her vanity, temper, and ability to make powerful things like Vegeta and Beerus shiver. Unsurprisingly, the humor she brings to Dragon Ball has also made her the subject of several fantastic memes.


10. Bulma And Vegeta Face Swap

Bulma And Vegeta Face Swap

Original image here.

Face-swapping apps have become all the rage in recent times, and it looks like Bulma and Vegeta have decided to join in on the fun. The results, as one might expect, are immediately noticeable, with Vegeta sporting Bulma’s wide blue eyes, thin eyebrows, and red lips. Bulma, on the other hand, looks outright terrifying with Vegeta’s devilish smirk, small black eyes, and scratchier features. It almost makes one wonder what an evil version of Bulma might actually be like: would she create planet-destroying contraptions and follow in her husband’s footsteps? The universe might be better off not finding out…


9. Bulma’s Sickest Burn

Bulma’s Sickest Burn

Original image here.

This meme recreates verbatim a memorable moment from the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, where Chi-Chi and Bulma are arguably over whether Vegeta or Goku will win the Adult Division. Chi-Chi’s obviously remembering Goku’s fight record with rose-colored glasses, and Bulma’s not afraid to let her know it. The last image is a Photoshopped version of “The Rap Battle,” the famous comedy video where “Supa Hot Fire,” a.k.a. MrDeShawnRaw, defeats all of his challengers with some of the weakest raps imaginable. Supa Hot’s face has been replaced with the similarly unbeatable Beerus, while King Kai stands in for a spectator running across the scene. What might a rap battle between Bulma and Beerus be like, one wonders?


8. So Weird

So Weird

Original image.

Akira Toriyama famously didn’t plan much in advance while working on Dragon Ball. While the approach gave the series part of its trademark spontaneity, there were moments where it was clear Toriyama was making things up as he went along.

When the author first created Goku and Bulma, it’s likely he hadn’t really thought too much about what their universe would look like, and therefore hadn’t yet decided it would be partly populated by animal people. Thus Bulma’s shock at Goku tail probably didn’t seem too odd to Toriyama when he wrote and drew the scene, but it sure seems weird in hindsight.


7. Wishes Do Come True

Wishes Do Come True

Original image.

When Bulma first appeared, she was still in the throes of puberty. Single and not thrilled about it, Bulma went hunting for the Dragon Balls so she could wish for a flawless boyfriend. She never got her chance, her wish instead being used up by Oolong to stop Emperor Pilaf from asking Shenron for world domination. Yet Bulma ended up doing pretty okay in the love department anyway, first dating Yamcha and then marrying the last Saiyan Prince, Vegeta, and starting a family with him. Just don’t call Vegeta “Prince Charming”…


6. Skewed Priorities

Skewed Priorities

Original image.

Funimation’s original in-house dub for Dragon Ball Z was known to take unusual liberties from the source material. In the Japanese version of this scene, Bulma had simply called the Z-Fighters to tell them she created a remote that could shut down the Androids. The U.S. dub tried injecting the moment with more humor: after overhearing Yamcha tell Chi-Chi to reject Bulma’s call because the scientist was calling collect, Bulma threatened not to hand over the remote unless Yamcha rubbed her feet—something he hated doing. Funny or not, gambling the fate of the world on a foot massage from her ex wasn’t one of dub Bulma’s better ideas…


5. Streaming Wars

Streaming Wars

Original image.

Many people on the dating scene are well aware of the term “Netflix & chill,” which is generally a euphemism for intimate relations— “Netflix” part is usually optional. This meme pokes fun at the expression by jokingly suggesting that swapping Netflix for Crunchyroll, the popular anime streaming service, not only leads to a happier future, but one that’s decidedly more Dragon Ball-looking. Perhaps “Bulma” could loan the stressed Netflix mother a Dragon Radar, as a wish or three from Shenron might help make her life a bit easier. At the very least, she could ask Shenron for some child-rearing tips?


4. Technology Freeze

Technology Freeze

Original image.

With compact discs already beginning to be phased out by companies like Apple, it’s a safe bet to say they probably won’t be commonly used with newer technologies. Not so in Trunks’ future!

The CD Bulma is holding was indeed created by her future self, as a means of fixing any software issues with Trunks’ time machine. Sure, it seems like antiquated technology for the distant future to still be using, but it can be a little hard for a society to technologically innovate when being devastated by the Androids and later Goku Black for nearly two decades.


3. Vegeta’s A Flirty Bird

Original image from SaiyanPrince541’s DeviantArt page.

Bulma’s husband has never been shown to have a wandering eye, but a little caption magic from SaiyanPrince541 makes it look like she thinks otherwise. Dragon Ball Super fans will recognize this scene from Episode 16, in which Vegeta tried to convince Whis to train him by cooking the greatest meal in the world.

Yet the Saiyan Prince wasn’t even able to properly crack an egg. Just as he was about to give it one last try, his final egg cracked opened by itself and a chick emerged. Which, in this meme, is where his and Bulma’s troubles began…


2. “Scumbag Bulma”

“Scumbag Bulma”

Original image.

Memes are great at telling harsh truths in hilarious ways. Is Bulma a scumbag for marrying Vegeta, a man once infamous for murdering the innocent and defenseless? That’s up for each fan to decide on their own, although the meme’s poster definitely seems to think so.

Adding more fuel to the fire is the fact that Vegeta had been the one to tell Nappa to plant the Saibaman who killed Bulma’s ex, Yamcha. Sure, one could argue that Vegeta could not have predicted what any of the Saibamen were going to do, but he clearly had Nappa plant them so that they would kill the entire Dragon Team.


1. Bulma: Crab Hunter

Bulma: Crab Hunter

Original image.

Dragon Ball Z has inspired a lot of fan content, including Dragon Ball Z Abridged, which has undeniably become a phenomenon of its own. Many scenes from the web parody have inspired memes, such as this one, which homages Bulma’s fateful battle with a gigantic Namekian crab in Episode 22. This meme portrays Bulma as particularly more bloodthirsty than she was in that episode, gripping a crab in her hand while frothing at the mouth. Frieza clearly wants in, or at least a taste of Bulma’s prey, having just finished fighting what appears to be a badly bleeding Vegeta.


Source: cbr.com

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