Which Code Geass Character Are You Based On Your Chinese Zodiac?

Code Geass fans love its relatable characters but how better to find which character is most like you than by consulting the Chinese Zodiac?
Which Code Geass Character Are You Based On Your Chinese Zodiac?

Code Geass fans love its relatable characters but how better to find which character is most like you than by consulting the Chinese Zodiac?

Flush with a rich and diverse cast of well-rounded characters, Code Geass is replete with a spate of interesting personalities that any viewer, regardless of background, can relate to. As a resultant, viewers are profoundly attached to specific characters, as they represent fictional avatars that personify their thoughts.

Sometimes, however, this subtle projection prevents the average fan from seeing which character they truly are, as opposed to who they envision themselves as. Using the Chinese zodiac as a guide, we've compiled a list of characters that embody the spirit of each astrological symbol. Find out which character fits your zodiac symbol.

12. The Rat: Diethard Ried

Diethard Ried

Renowned for its cunning and intelligence, the rat is equally despised for its lack of courage and resolve. In zodiac lore, the rat becomes the first zodiac totem through deception.

No other animal in the Chinese zodiac so aptly describes Diethard Ried. Originally aligned with the series protagonist, Lelouch, as his propaganda mouthpiece, Diethard is shown to be capable of offering shrewd counsel in political matters. When Lelouch seemingly loses sway, Diethard, akin to the rat of the Chinese zodiac, defects to the presumed winning side.

11. The Ox: Kaname Ohgi

Kaname Ohgi

Directly opposed to the rat - so much so that they're rivals within the zodiac - the ox is honest and loyal. As one of the first recruits into the Black Knights, Lelouch's military faction, Ohgi remained consistent with his beliefs throughout the series, and unlike Diethard, only severed his loyalty to Lelouch - and reluctantly at that -only after believing that Lelouch reneged on their deal.

A few other characteristics of the ox is their diligence and fortitude, both of which are prominent traits of Ohgi's character in the series.

10. The Tiger: Kallen Kōzuki

Kallen Kōzuki

The fiercest warrior in Lelouch's employ, Kallen practically roars with the raging fury of a jungle cat in every battle. Like Kallen, the tiger of the Chinese zodiac is unpredictable and confident. When Kallen is first introduced, she possesses the strange duality of pretending to be something she's not.

However, like the old adage of tigers and their stripes, Kallen finds repressing her true nature impossible and bravely accepts her warrior spirit in full. One of the founding Black Knights, Kallen earned her proverbial stripes in combat.

9. The Rabbit: Nunnally Lamperouge

Nunnally Lamperouge

Filled with compassion and grace, Nunnally, although underrated as a character, is essential to the fabric of Code Geass as a narrative. The Rabbit of the Chinese zodiac, much like Nunnally, is quiet and deceptively cognizant in opposition to its diminutive stature.

Spending a majority of the series blind, Nunnally develops a peculiar capacity to attune herself to slightest fluctuations in social situations by discerning unspoken emotions - typically only perceptible to the undulating patterns of the face. Nunnally is perfectly aligned with the rabbit.

8. The Dragon: Lelouch Vi Britannia

Lelouch Vi Britannia

In the Chinese zodiac, the dragon is the most popular and renowned of the animal totems, so it stands to reason that series protagonist Lelouch would be the perfect candidate to occupy the position.

Beyond the congruences in popularity, Chinese dragons are seen as intelligent and daring, two of Lelouch's most notable traits. In addition, the dragon is the only mythical animal in the Chinese zodiac, which is also like Lelouch - posing as the enigmatic Zero and being equally as legendary and, ultimately, fictitious.

7. The Snake: C2


Metaphorically, whenever a snake sheds their skin it is considered a rebirth - almost as if it has died and been resurrected. As one of the few characters that can defy death in the story, C2 is perfectly suited for the snake on a variety of levels.

Possessing incredible intelligence, the snake, and C2, survive by being elusive and mercurial. With Lelouch corresponding to the dragon of the Chinese zodiac, his Geass partner represents the terrestrial equivalent of the dragon.

6. The Horse: Milly Ashford

Milly Ashford

One of the most defining traits of the horse in the Chinese zodiac is their extroverted nature. While several characters in Code Geass posses a similar disposition, no other character does quite as much as Milly Ashford.

Sharing the propensity for energy and liveliness with the horse, Milly is one of the few characters that not only physically survives to the end of the series, but retains her bubbly disposition through the harrowing events of Code Geass. Milly is also involved in the Equestrian club.

5. The Goat: Nina Einstein

Nina Einstein

Goats in the Chinese zodiac are gentle and shy, which overlaps seamlessly with the character of Nina Einstein. Throughout the early parts of the series, Nina is frequently, and seemingly inexplicably, shown to the audience, despite her not having much of an impact on the story.

However, in the latter half of Code Geass, Nina sheds her mild-mannered persona, also attributed to the goat, and earns her exposure in the story by using her science to enact her idea of justice - another trait of the goat.

4. The Monkey: Schneizel El Britannia

Schneizel El Britannia

In all cultures, including that of the Chinese, monkeys are beloved for their magnetic personalities. In Code Geass, Schneizel has a similar effect on people, and, like the monkey, can become incredibly dangerous if in the right situation.

Masking his villainous intent with the veneer of a carefree party boy, Scneizel is complimented equally for his mental prowess. At one point, he even bests Lelouch, albeit disguised as Zero, in a friendly game of chess, perfectly illustrating the wit of the monkey of Chinese legend.

3. The Rooster: Jeremiah Gottwald

Jeremiah Gottwald

Owning arguably one of the most winding character arcs in the series, Jeremiah Gottwald is defined by one consistent trait, and that is his loyalty. Like the rooster of the Chinese zodiac, Jeremiah remains loyal by being observant of his surroundings.

Although disgraced in the early parts of the series, Jeremiah affects some of the hardworking nature attributed to the Chinese rooster and claws his way back to relevancy and prominence. Jeremiah also has rooster characteristics on a visual level, in his absurdly ornate style.

2. The Dog: Sayoko Shinozaki

Sayoko Shinozaki

Dedicating her life to serve and protect the Lamperouge children, Lelouch and Nunnally, Sayoko already possesses the steadfast loyalty of a guard/service dog. In the Chinese zodiac, her character is perfectly aligned with the nature of the dog.

In the first leg of the series, the audience is only exposed to the tender and soft-spoken side of Sayoko's character, but in the second half, Sayoko's battle skills are laid bare. As Nunnally's primary caregiver, Sayoko is effectively the youngest Lamperouge sibling's seeing-eye dog.

1. The Pig: Rolo Lamperouge

Rolo Lamperouge

Whether in the employ of the government or Lelouch, Rolo, similarly to the pig of the Chinese zodiac, is diligent to a fault. Although incredibly young, Rolo has the wisened detachment of a man three times his age, associating him with the realistic nature of the Chinese pig.

However, the pig is also negatively known for its gullibility. Before his tragic death, Rolo was duped by Lelouch into believing in a brotherly bond that Lelouch had no intention of reciprocating - causing Rolo to sacrifice himself.

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