Which Food Wars Character Are You, Based On The Chinese Zodiac?

The characters in Food Wars! all display bold, unique personality traits, and we're exploring how they'd be represented by the Chinese Zodiac.
Which Food Wars Character Are You, Based On The Chinese Zodiac?

The characters in Food Wars! all display bold, unique personality traits, and we're exploring how they'd be represented by the Chinese Zodiac.

The world of shonen anime is more diverse than ever, and one of the most popular and unique shonen titles right now is Food Wars!, a culinary take on the "elite high school" concept. The protagonist is Soma Yukihira, the son of a diner owner, and he enrolled at the prestigious Totsuki Academy to learn new heights in cooking.

This series boasts a colorful and varied cast of characters, and there is at least one character for just about any viewer to identify with. To measure the nature of each character, a viewer could use the horoscope signs, the Dungeons & Dragons moral alignment chart, or the Chinese zodiac. When the latter is used on the cast of Food Wars!, what are the results?

12. Year Of The Rat: Soma Yukihira

Soma Yukihira

The zodiac begins with none other than the hero himself, Sohma. Being a Rat is not a bad thing; none of the zodiac animals have a negative connotation. Instead, the Rat is resourceful, versatile, quick-witted, and kind to others.

All that describes Soma perfectly, as he is a good friend and a very creative and resourceful chef. He will use anything and everything to get the job done, and he won't allow himself to be pigeonholed as a chef.

11. Year Of The Ox: Isami Aldini

Isami Aldini

The second sign is that of the Ox, and this beast is not unlike Taurus of the western horoscope. An Ox is known for being diligent, dependable, strong, and determined. These people keep moving forward slowly, but surely.

Overall, Isami Aldini is the best match for the Ox, since he is humble but hardworking, and he doesn't feel bad about being in Takumi's shadow. Both brothers can coordinate their cooking perfectly, even under intense pressure, and Isami never lets Takumi down—and vice versa.

10. Year Of The Tiger: Terunori Kuga

Terunori Kuga

Now it's time for the year of the Tiger, one of the most exciting zodiac animals of all. A Tiger never fails to be highly competitive, confident in him/herself at all times, and recklessly brave and willing to confront any danger.

This describes Terunori Kuga, a Council of Ten members who specializes in Chinese fare. He loves to measure himself against others, and he will even challenge the first seat, Tsukasa Eishi, to prove himself. He's quite extroverted and energetic.

9. Year Of The Rabbit: Ryoko Sakaki

Ryoko Sakaki

This girl is Ryoko Sakaki, one of the students in the famed Polar Star dormitory. She may not be a scene-stealer like Soma or Isshiki, but she is a cherished friend and classmate, and she can get along with just about anyone.

Ryoko is soft-spoken and kind, and all these humble but admirable traits make her a classic Rabbit of the zodiac. Rabbits are responsible, elegant, kind, and generally quiet, and everyone needs a Rabbit in their lives for comfort. That includes Ryoko.

8. Year Of The Dragon: Alice Nakiri

Alice Nakiri

Alice Nakiri is Erina's half-Danish cousin, and she grew up in the shadow of Erina's famed God Tongue. But that didn't dampen her spirits at all; then and now, Alice is fiercely competitive, very smart, and eager to prove herself to anyone, including Erina and her grandfather.

Those traits make Alice the Dragon of the zodiac, a legendary mythical creature renowned for its intelligence, confidence in itself, and enthusiasm for any project it undertakes. Alice is a go-getter, Dragon style.

7. Year Of The Snake: Erina Nakiri

Erina Nakiri

Now it's time for Erina herself, the lofty and famous girl who has the perfect sense of taste. She is a member of the Council, and later, she becomes the headmaster of the entire school. Erina's bottomless knowledge about cooking and extraordinary skills make her a cut above the rest.

Meanwhile, the Snake of the zodiac is enigmatic, wise, and intelligent, and all that describes Erina just right. She doesn't open up much about herself, but she is highly responsible and always knows what to do. She makes for a good teacher, too.

6. Year Of The Horse: Ikumi Mito

Ikumi Mito

Ikumi Mito was one of Soma's first rivals, and she faced him in a Shokugeki involving beef, her specialty. Ikumi is a master at butchering meat and cooking it, and she only uses the very best meats out there for the job.

Her energetic, outgoing personality matches the strong, meaty flavors of her cooking, meaning she is just like the Horse of the Chinese zodiac. The Horse is known for being animated and energetic, after all.

5. Year Of The G0at: Megumi Tadokoro

Megumi Tadokoro

Megumi changed a lot over the course of Food Wars!, and she is nothing like the timid and self-doubting chef she was at the start. Now, Megumi can cook with confidence, and she has astounded the crowds and judges alike with her recent victories and accomplishments.

Her personality is a wholesome one, and she has a warm, maternal air that can make anyone feel at ease—and her cooking has the same effect. So, Megumi is the Goat of the zodiac, noted for its calm, gentle, and sympathetic nature.

4. Year Of The Monkey: Rindo Kobayashi

Rindo Kobayashi

Rindo Kobayashi was the second seat on the Council, and she earned that spot with her use of exotic ingredients from around the world and masterfully cooking them into creative dishes. She's also outgoing and likes to meet new people and sample every food stall she can find.

Since she is so smart and curious, Rindo matches with the Monkey of the zodiac, which is also sharp-witted, curious, and smart. Rindo certainly needs those traits so she can keep exploring the world to find rare new ingredients to cook with.

3. Year Of The Rooster: Subaru Mimasaka

Subaru Mimasaka

Now it's time for the year of the Rooster. Subaru Mimasaka is huge, but he's not a dull-witted oaf. Instead, he is quite sharp and perceptive, and he likes to observe other chefs and work hard to mimic their cooking style to defeat them.

A Rooster is defined by being courageous, hardw0rking, and observant, and, once Subaru starts using his talents to fight Central, he checked off all those boxes. He fearlessly took on Somei Saito in the 8v8 cooking battle, and he nearly won.

2. Year Of The Dog: Joichiro Yukihira

Joichiro Yukihira

This is Soma's father, and he is one of the most creative and resourceful chefs out there. He also has a charming and warm personality, and everyone is naturally drawn to him, especially girls. He was a popular student at Totsuki, too.

As for the zodiac signs, Joichiro is a lot like the Dog, an animal known for being lovely, honest with others, and prudent. Joichiro can run a diner well and make good friends, and he has the foresight to prepare Soma for his future. A fine Dog.

1. Year Of The Boar: Jun Shiomi

Jun Shiomi

Jun is one of the professors at Totsuki—she is older than she looks—and she is almost like a mother figure to Akira Hayama. She practically adopted him and taught him all she knows, and she is very proud of him and all he's accomplished.

Due to her hard-working nature, compassion to others, and gentle personality, Jun is just like the Boar of the Chinese zodiac, which is known for all of those traits, plus a great deal of generosity.

Source: cbr.com

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