Which Spirited Away Character Are You Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

Fans of Spirited Away and Studio Ghibli animation will likely love to see what character they are based on their Chinese zodiac sign.
Which Spirited Away Character Are You Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

Fans of Spirited Away and Studio Ghibli animation will likely love to see what character they are based on their Chinese zodiac sign.

Studio Ghibli's most famous film, Spirited Away, has become a cult classic in its own right. It is both a whimsical tale about the spirit world and Japanese folklore and a romance story about young love helping each other, despite all odds. The characters in the film are deeply loved by all who have seen the movie and have become iconic in the anime world. The number of tattoos and merchandise featuring Haku as a dragon, No Face, and the Soot Sprites is beyond belief.

The characters are all unique, making it easy to see what their Lunar/Chinese Zodiac signs would be. Like the Western zodiac, the Chinese zodiac has 12 differing signs (all animals), each holding a different set of traits. The Lunar zodiac is based on which year you were born in, rather than what month of the year. Here is a list of which Spirited Away character you would be based on your Lunar zodiac sign.

12. Rat - Lin


Lin is quite feisty and quick-witted. She has learned from early on that the bathhouse is not a place for the weak and she must be strong and fight for herself in order to not be pushed around by others.

Lin is a perfect Rat. She originally starts the film with being a bit cold to Chihiro, but she eventually opens up to the young, lost girl. She even gives her the one ticket she has to escape the bathhouse in the hopes that it will help the girl on her journey. She is extremely resourceful and helps Chihiro out whenever she can, making her Chihiro's best friend in the bathhouse.

11. Ox - Kamaji


Kamaji is as dependable as the Ox in Spirited Away. While he tries to act cold and stand-offish when first meeting Chihiro, he too quickly warms up to the girl. He is in charge of making sure all the water in the bathhouse is hot, a surely tedious but important task of keeping the establishment running.

He becomes determined in helping Chihiro. He introduces her to Lin and tells her how to make a deal with Yubaba.

10. Tiger - Haku


Haku makes for the perfect Tiger. He is extremely brave and confident, sometimes so much so that many employees of the bathhouse think of him as Yubaba's henchman. Lin, especially, has a hard time believing that he would ever actually help Chihiro if it didn't help himself.

This implies that maybe Haku is also a little competitive. He strived to be the best so that he could fool Yubaba and help Chihiro when he needed to. But he also betrayed her when the time came and was willing to go to Zeniba's house, who had earlier cursed him, in order to pick her up.

9. Rabbit - Chihiro


Chihiro is the perfect Rabbit. At the beginning of the film, she is shy and scared. Before even entering the spirit world, she was extremely timid at the idea of trespassing with her parents. But she still went anyway.

Chihiro became rather popular with everyone she met. The wiser spirits of the bathhouse (like No Face, the Radish Spirit, and the River Spirit) seemed to really like her and understand that her intentions were always good.

8. Dragon - Zeniba


Zeniba, while seeming to be a replica of her sister, down to the outfit and accessories, actually turned out to be the opposite of Yubaba. She was kind and compassionate, though still fiery at heart.

Like the Dragon, Zeniba is confident, intelligent, and enthusiastic. She doesn't hold a grudge on Haku once she learns that he had been manipulated and instead senses Chihiro's good intentions and decides to help her on her journey.

7. Snake - Yubaba


While Zeniba may be the perfect Dragon, Yubaba really is the perfect Snake. She is both intelligent and wise, like her sister, but uses it to her advantage with little care of what happens to others.

She really seems to only care about money. While Yubaba isn't evil for the sake of being evil, she still is the main antagonist of the story. She makes deals with people so that they forget their names and lives before working at the bathhouse, she pretty much has slaves, not employees.

6. Horse - Aogaeru


Though a minor character of the film, viewers learn a lot about Aogaeru's character. He is animated and extremely active, especially when it comes to having a chance of getting his hands on some money.

He is quite energetic, which is what gives the corrupted No Face all the energy he has after consuming him. The Horse can be a little self-centered, which fans see in Aogaeru when he goes back to find gold for himself in the dead of night.

5. Goat - No Face

No Face

Speaking of No Face, his calm and natural state makes for the perfect Goat. He is shy, timid, and quiet, but still kind. No Face sees that Chihiro notices him, and then later helps him get into the bathhouse. These small gestures that Chihiro doesn't even think of are huge deals to No Face.

He starts getting the desire to help Chihiro out with whatever she needs, which he assumes is money. This displays how gentle and sympathetic he is to the girl and continues to aid her at the end of the film.

4. Monkey - No Face

No Face

The corrupted No Face makes for the perfect Monkey, albeit a scary one. After eating a handful of people from the bathhouse, his personality warps based on each person he has consumed.

He speaks like Aogaeru and becomes quite humorous and sarcastic. He is curious about why Chihiro won't give him the time of day, while everyone else is obsessed with him (or better yet, his money). He is sharp and smart and becomes quite terrifying in this state.

3. Rooster - Dragon Haku

Dragon Haku

While Haku as a dragon and as a human is obviously the same person, as a dragon, Haku displays a couple of different personality traits that fans don't see much of in his human side.

The audience sees him actively working as Yubaba's assistant, flying in and out of the bathhouse at her will and even being attacked by Zeniba's paper "birds." Like the Rooster, Dragon Haku is extremely hard-working and dedicated to his tasks, which soon becomes helping Chihiro get home.

2. Dog - Sen


Like Haku and Dragon Haku, Sen and Chihiro are the same people, with only minor character differences. It is as Sen that the character starts to develop and become stronger. She becomes loyal to Haku, though many suggest otherwise, and is dedicated to getting her parents back and helping people.

Sen is such a unique character due to the fact that helping people is in her nature and she seems to never even think twice of it. This makes her the perfect example of someone who falls under the Dog sign.

1. Pig - Soot Sprites

Soot Sprites

Finally, the Soot Sprites. These magical little balls of soot make for the perfect Pigs. They are compassionate and generous with Chihiro once they warm up to her and end up protecting and guarding her belonging for her.

The Soot Sprites also thrive on material goods (such as the little star candies they are given as treats). They are also incredibly diligent workers, and although they complain about their task at the beginning of the film, they still always help Kamaji in the boiler room.

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