Naruto: The Worst Things Naruto Ever Did, Ranked

Naruto may be an all around good guy, but he's made his fair share of mistakes.
Naruto: The Worst Things Naruto Ever Did, Ranked

Naruto may be an all around good guy, but he's made his fair share of mistakes.

Naruto Uzumaki is one of the most famous anime characters around the world. Starting in manga, Naruto made the transition to animation quite easily. The young orphan ninja seeks acceptance in his village by becoming its Hokage, their leader, but has a hard time doing so due to the entity trapped in his body, Kurama the Nine-Tailed Fox. The anime documents his subsequent adventures.

Despite being a hero overall, Naruto has made some bad choices over the years. The Nine-Tails he shares a body with has definitely had some influence over those decisions. From repeatedly fighting his friends in a blind rage to just generally being a selfish jerk, Naruto's journey took him to some dark places before it came to its conclusion.

10. Punking Out Boruto

Punking Out Boruto

After Naruto's adventures came to an end, the story started focusing on his son, Boruto. The young man decides to follow in his Hokage father's footsteps, leading to the Chūnin exams, a test all young ninjas take. Under pressure to live up to his famous father, Boruto decides to cheat and uses an illegal ninja tool during the match. Naturally, the cheating is exposed and Naruto has to discipline his son. He does this publicly, disqualifying his son and humiliating him in front of a crowd. That's bad parenting and bad officiating.

9. Trading Arms With Sasuke

Trading Arms With Sasuke

Naruto's relationship with Sasuke is volatile at best. Sometimes friends, sometimes foes, they're time together starts as rivals as members of Team 7 and their connection grew from there. After a massive battle against Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Naruto and Sasuke face off against each other after a disagreement over what's next for the ninja world. They do eventually sort things out but not until each warrior loses an arm in the fight. That's not the most diplomatic way of dealing with a disagreement.

8. Secret Fart Attack

Secret Fart Attack

Naruto will do anything to win a fight and this was no exception. As part of the exams, Naruto had to face Kiba Inuzuka and his dog Akamaru. Through the early stages of the bout, Kiba and Akamaru dominated Naruto until he was able to trick Kiba into knocking Akamaru out of the fight. Before taking on Kiba, Naruto decides to disorient him. Does he do this with some sort of advanced ninja technique he learned in the academy? No, Naruto farts in his face, then takes Kiba out. That's how the pros do it.

7. Sneaky Lover

Sneaky Lover

Naruto spends way too much of the series obsessing over another member of Team 7, Sakura. In and of itself, this isn't a problem. Pining away for someone who isn't interested in you is commonplace in all storytelling, let alone anime. Unfortunately, Naruto takes things a little far when he disguises himself as Sasuke to steal a kiss from Sakura. The gambit fails miserably thanks to some poorly timed digestive issues, which is for the best. Not cool, Naruto. Not cool.

6. Defacing The Hokage

Defacing The Hokage

Hanging over Naruto's village is a monument featuring four previous Hokage. It's kind of like their version of Mount Rushmore. One of the ways Naruto tries to get attention from the villagers who really don't seem to want him around is by playing juvenile pranks. This time, his prank is to vandalize Hokage Rock. It doesn't get more juvenile or disrespectful than that. It's also not the best choice for someone whose goal is to be Hokage of this village. His punishment is to clean the rock, which he whines about the entire time.

5. Smelling What The Rock Lee Is Cooking

Smelling What The Rock Lee Is Cooking

Rock Lee is shinobi who lacks the skills to use ninjutsu or genjutsu, but he underwent special training to become a taijutsu master. When Naruto and Sasuke arrive at the hall for their Chūnin exams, Rock Lee challenges Sasuke to a fight. Never one to pass up the opportunity to be selfish,  Naruto attacks Rock Lee in an attempt to steal the spotlight. Naturally, this ridiculous move doesn't pan out for Naruto and Rock Lee defeats him handily. You'd like to think Naruto learned something from this. He didn't.

4. Hiding From The Demons

 During their time at the academy, Team 7 takes on the mission of escorting Tazuna, a master bridge builder, back to his home, the Land of Waves. On the way there, the group is attacked by a pair of assassins known as the Demon Brothers who seek to kill Tazuna. Confronted by these two fighters, Naruto is paralyzed by fear and does essentially nothing to protect his charge. Fortunately for everyone involved, Sasuke is there and saves the day by, you know, doing something about it. This wasn't a good showing for Naruto.

3. Letting The Nine-Tails Out

Letting The Nine-Tails Out

Naruto's control over the Nine-Tails' chakra grew significantly the longer he trained but it still exhibited control over him. While training with Jiraiya, the Nine-Tails mocked Naruto's failure to save Sasuke and used the resulting negative emotions to force Naruto into version 2 form. In this state, Naruto's body was no longer in his control. Naruto attacked Jiraiya, nearly killing him before finally getting himself under control. Even though he wasn't himself and had no memory of the incident, Naruto still allowed the Nine-Tails' power to overwhelm him, endangering his friend.

2. Beating Clay To Death

Beating Clay To Death

Thanks in part to the Nine-Tails, Naruto has a lot of trouble dealing with his rage. On a mission to rescue his friend Gaara, Naruto absolutely loses it. The combined Team 7 and Team Guy tracks down Gaara's body with his kidnappers. Upon seeing the body, Naruto flies into a rage, attacking Deidara, one of the kidnappers, and nearly beating him to death. It turns out that Naruto is fighting one of Deidara's Clay Clones, allowing the real Deidara to escape. Once again, Naruto's rage got the best of him.

1. Attacking Sakura

Attacking Sakura

As Team 7 engaged in combat with Orochimaru, their foe used the influence of the Nine-Tails against Naruto. He eggs Naruto on until his rage overwhelms him and the Nine-Tails' takes over. In the resulting battle, Naruto destroys the Tenchi Bridge, fights Orochimaru and eventually starts attacking his own friends, specifically Sakura. When he finally calms down and returns to normal, he has no recollection of the events but that doesn't excuse him from losing control yet again. This time, it almost cost one of his friends her life.



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