Which Yuri On Ice Character Are You, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac?

From the Rat to the Dragon, how do the main characters of Yuri On Ice line up with the signs of the Chinese Zodiac?
Which Yuri On Ice Character Are You, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac?

From the Rat to the Dragon, how do the main characters of Yuri On Ice line up with the signs of the Chinese Zodiac?

In 2016 Yuri!! On Ice hit the anime community by storm as its popularity extended past the usual sports anime fanbase and gained worldwide recognition and awards. The anime brought in many new fans and for good reason as it held tons of queer representation and a variety in its cast of characters coming from all across the globe.

In fact, Yuri!! On Ice introduces a cast of characters diverse in many ways, as no two characters seem to be the same in personality either. With such diversity, you're bound to find one which represents you one way or the other, so why not see which character most represents you according to your Chinese zodiac?

12. Rat: Seung-Gil Lee

Seung-Gil Lee

Starting off with this year's zodiac, those born into the Rat zodiac are known to be calculating and smart. They have sharp observation skills that allow them to make the most out of their surroundings to their benefits.

In many ways, Seung-Gil is the perfect representation of this zodiac. He is rather aloof which fits with the lack of communication skills common for this zodiac. More than that, he expresses much of the same calculating nature as we see of his focus on tallying his score rather than focusing on his performance and intense observation of Yuuri's performance.

11. Ox: Otabek Altin

Otabek Altin

The Ox zodiac is one that is revered in Chinese mythology for its representation of hard work and diligence. As such, it comes as no surprise that those born in this year are often viewed as honest, hard-working, and determined.

To that degree, Ox zodiacs will find themselves relating to Kazakh skater the most. From what we know of Otabek's backstory he is very driven when it comes to skating. With his international training and all the awards he's won ever since his senior debut, his diligence is one to envy for anyone outside this zodiac.

10. Tiger: Victor Nikiforov

Victor Nikiforov

The Tiger zodiac is one full of energy. People born in the year of the Tiger are usually thought to be brimming with energy, confidence, and unpredictability at times. Sound familiar?

Victor's personality is almost synonymous with what this zodiac represents. If his confidence and consistent energy throughout the series isn't enough for people of this zodiac to relate to, he also possesses the same charm and love for a good challenge.

9. Rabbit: Yuuri Katsuki

Yuuri Katsuki

People born in the year of the Rabbit are known to be very polite, kind-natured, and gentle. To that effect, the anime's main protagonist is the best representation of this zodiac.

Yuuri embodies both the positives and negatives of a Rabbit throughout the anime. Though he is rather gentle and polite to the point of frequent embarrassment, he is prone to bouts of melancholy from what we see of his reaction to failure. Additionally, he has much of the same seemingly out of character stubbornness this zodiac is known for.

8. Dragon: Jean-Jacques Leroy

Jean-Jacques Leroy

With the dragon being the only mythical creature out of all the zodiacs, it feels only fitting that someone born this year would find themselves relating to someone as iconic and legendary as JJ.

Dragon zodiacs are known for their bold personalities and ambition, and the Canadian skater doesn't disappoint by means of his loud enthusiasm and confidence. Of course, he also shares a common lack of self-awareness when it comes to arrogance or faults.

7. Snake: Lilia Baranovskaya

Lilia Baranovskaya

While the snake has negative connotations in the west, within Chinese mythology it is a creature of wisdom and calm. Much like their representative animal, people born to this zodiac are often seen to be intelligent people making for good teachers.

From what we see of Yurio's coach throughout the anime, she represents many of the attributes this zodiac is known for. Outside of her wisdom by experience that helps guide the young Russian skater, she shares the same hate for defeat and determination to accomplish goals that Snakes are known for.

6. Horse: Kenjirou Minami

Kenjirou Minami

Though the focus on Kenjirou lasts for one short episode, his loud personality quickly establishes him as someone Horse zodiacs would be able to relate to.

Perhaps owing to his youth, Kenjirou exhibits a lot of energy and seems to have a rather animated personality that makes for intense emotional expression. Additionally, Kenjirou delights in the spotlight much like this zodiac which makes for a perfect career in figure skating.

5. Goat: Emil Nikola

Emil Nikola

Goat zodiacs make for the perfect gentleman. Though they are mild-mannered, they are kind people who sympathize with others and treat them with kindness. As such, the Czech skater is one this zodiac can easily find themselves relating to.

Emil embodies much of the gentle nature of the Goat zodiac, and he tends to be easier to push around than others from what is seen of his interactions with Michele - something many Goats might, unfortunately, find relatable. However, that downfall is only a small part of the kind and caring personality of both Emil and this zodiac.

4. Monkey: Christophe Giacometti

Christophe Giacometti

Those born in the year of the Monkey are commonly considered to be light-hearted and fun-loving if not a little eccentric. As far as the fun-loving and eccentric goes, there is no better person to represent Monkeys than the sensual Swiss skater.

Christophe has a distinct presence and charm that attracts many fans to him on and off the ice which is part of a personality as magnetic as that of this zodiac. Additionally, he is no stranger to the love of mischief and light teasing as we see of his attempts to fluster Yuuri upon their first meeting.

3. Rooster: Yuri Plysetsky

Yuri Plysetsky

The Rooster seems best represented by the quality of being bombastic, but not without good reason. People of this zodiac tend to acquire their confidence from their skills, determination, and intelligence - something Yurio is not unfamiliar with.

Yuri holds much of the drive characteristic of Roosters but is most notably similar to this zodiac in his perfectionism and blunt criticism. The young Russian can be quite foul-mouthed and threatening when angered as well, and from his introduction, we get the sense that, like the Rooster, he isn't someone to mess with.

2. Dog: Phichit Chulanont

Phichit Chulanont

As man's best friend in both reality and myth, the Dog zodiac is characterized by their kind and helpful nature. People born to this zodiac will find themselves easily represented in the Thai skater who proves himself to be a good friend to Yuuri throughout the series.

Much like the zodiac, Phichit is quite energetic and genuine which makes him a rather positive presence that stands in sharp contrast to Yuuri's sometimes pessimistic outlook. Additionally, Phichit's upbeat personality gives him much of the same popularity that Dog zodiacs are known to have.

1. Pig: Yuuko Nishigori

Yuuko Nishigori

While pigs hold a negative image in the west, they hold positive connotations in Chinese mythology. This zodiac is specifically known for its optimistic and gentle nature.

Yuuko is someone Pigs will find themselves relating too from the start as she isn't really a character which stands out in comparison to the skaters but still holds such a positive presence full of cheer and support for her childhood friend. Additionally, like this zodiac, her upbeat and easy-going personality makes it easy for others to trust her as was the case with Yurio.

Source: cbr.com

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